We Have Launched Subscriptions!

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Then metal is what I need.

Any clear lounge access terms yet?

This made me thinking

Get access to over 1,000 LoungeKey airport lounges worldwide at up to 60% discount. (Coming soon)

And the car rental insurance is only for cars less then 35k€. I need to ask the rental agency that before?

Cover will not apply in respect of the following types of rental vehicle:

  • mopeds and motorbikes; limousines, commercial vehicles, trucks, motor homes, and vehicles not licensed for road
    use including but not limited to trailers or caravans;
  • rental vehicles with a retail purchase price exceeding €35,000 (or local currency equivalent);

I’ve not seen any formal announcement from Curve, but HeadForPoints are speculating around £15 per visit, which is about right. I pay £18 for a DragonPass visit so I need to crunch some numbers…

I think subscriptions are a good move for Curve. Congratulations to the team for launching! I do think the subscription packages are the moment are terrible value, and the included insurance is poor, but I’m hopeful that they will improve over time.


Amex is advertised as having unlimited top-ups, t’s & c’s state £10,000 annual limit (is this the basic limit and able to upgrade based on spend, as witht he normal spend limits?)

Alos, is Amex top-up treated as a separate spend cap, or included in the normal £50k/year limit

As it stands, the metal curve offers nothing to me that i don’t already have with my current credit cards or with the legacy blue card i have. Higher spending limits and an improved reward scheme would be the only incentive for anyone to subscribe

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Hi guys,

First post here but I have followed the exciting development here for a while and love the product.

With the new subscription model though we in Scandinavia or the EU get nothing new and your sales will drop massively outside the UK. Most important no Amex support yet. Do you have any news when Amex support is available outside the UK?

Keep up the good work and thank’s for listening.
Regards, Mattias

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Hi Mattias,
welcome to the forum. As of right now there is no exact estimate when other countries will follow for AmEx support. The Curve team is doing a good job informing us via the forum right the second a new product / feature is launched, so just check the forum regularly or just always stay on the newest app update, you won’t miss out this way :slight_smile:


You might want to not automate sending out AXA Insurance Policies as soon as someone opens the new app for black customers - my phone updated this morning and i launched curve as normal, hadn’t read the email yet so hadn’t the foggiest what was going on and received an instant email from AXA saying welcome to your new insurance policy!! Maybe a notification in the app asking the user to acknowledge the changes and understand them - ya know, so you don’t scare the cr*p out of people who haven’t yet read the email!!

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I agree, a simple popup informing the user for the first time after they installed the newest update would be good. Just a few lines explaining what has changed and referring to January Launch FAQs and We Have Launched Subscriptions!


Plus an option to decline the trial and just stay as is. Some people might not want an insurance policy automatically being signed up to in their name :thinking: pretty sure that isn’t allowed…

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And finally - are you going to be automatically grandfathering those that don’t specifically request being moved to New Black? Because as far as I can see, my phone auto-updated to the new app and me opening it meant you took that as me willing to have a new insurance policy and automatically being billed in 3 months time £9.99/month…dodgy practices here guys…

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I’m sorry for being somewhat slow in wading through all the masses of posts.

But being from a country where none of the insurance policies, nor amex works at the moment, will I lose out on any offers to try the new cards for a free period when metal and amex are fully functional?

Do I have to take the offers now and get basically nothing?


(I am an old black card owner since a couple of weeks, so not that old…)

Sigh - didn’t realise £9.99x3 = £59.94 :joy:

Who signs off on this stuff?! Lol.


AFAIK once you update your app and start being on the subscription model, your free trial starts, no matter if the insurance is covered in your country or if you can use AmEx or not.

In other words, if you don’t need any of the new features right now, you can wait to update the app and the free trial won’t start until you update the app.
But its possible that at some point the old app version won’t work anymore when more things have changed in the background IT system, so at the very latest you should update your app then :slight_smile:

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Thanks for a swift reply.

Unfortunately that is quite a lousy proposition. I can’t even try metal since it’s not available, and I can try a card with no benefits.

The correct thing would be to let us non-uk-non-insurance-country card holders try the new cards for the free period when functionality is full.

Otherwise grandfathering is the only option, really.

Not happy with that if that is the case.

@Curve_Marie, @Curve_Alejandro
Is it true that being from outside the UK with a newly purchased “old” black card, I will miss out on the two month discount on metal when it comes here?

And do I have to try the new black now with limited functionality for the grace period?

Opened the app this morning and realise i’m on the curve black subscription. I guess thats the start of a 3 month trial. @Curve_Marie, @Curve_Alejandro. Could you add a end of trial period date so that we could know how long we have left?

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I think the point being made here is that the benefits are worth a total of £59.94 over the course of three months. Not that Curve charge you what they are worth each month but rather charge you LESS.

Must admit, not overly enthused about the subscription pricing. Given Curve had free Amex use at the beginning, to now remove fee-free use unless you pay a monthly subscription is a bit grating.

I don’t need gadget insurance (covered under home policy) and travel insurance is cheap as chips if you shop around. Can use Revolut for fee-free spending abroad at the interbank rate. So effectively, a £120 annual fee to get access to all of it in one place? Hmmm… not sold.