We Have Launched Subscriptions!

Opened the app this morning and realise i’m on the curve black subscription. I guess thats the start of a 3 month trial. @Curve_Marie, @Curve_Alejandro. Could you add a end of trial period date so that we could know how long we have left?

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I think the point being made here is that the benefits are worth a total of £59.94 over the course of three months. Not that Curve charge you what they are worth each month but rather charge you LESS.

Must admit, not overly enthused about the subscription pricing. Given Curve had free Amex use at the beginning, to now remove fee-free use unless you pay a monthly subscription is a bit grating.

I don’t need gadget insurance (covered under home policy) and travel insurance is cheap as chips if you shop around. Can use Revolut for fee-free spending abroad at the interbank rate. So effectively, a £120 annual fee to get access to all of it in one place? Hmmm… not sold.

You misunderstand. New Curve Black is £9.99/month. If you get it free for three months the value of this benefit is £29.97, it’s quite simple. I believe the mistake here is beta testers are getting 6 months, which would equate to £59.94 worth of value. You can’t say oh we charge you £9.99 but think it has an actual value of £100 - therefore if I give you a free month its £109.99 of value :see_no_evil:

Former AmEx support was discontinued due to reasons out of Curve’s control (AmEx didn’t like it)
You can become Black grandfathered and keep your no fx fees feature without any monthly fees, see the posts in the other threads.

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I get that - and I also get that I can choose to be grandfathered. However, Amex was a key feature I was waiting for to use Curve as my one and only card. I don’t mind it being locked behind a paywall - but when the paywall is inflated by insurances and other features that I don’t use/need/want, it’s annoying. I’d happily pay £3-4 a month to use the grandfathered features, in addition to fee-free Amex use.


I understand what you mean, but keep in mind that almost all companies do mixed calcullations. You even have that system for monthly tickets for the public transportation, you have commuters who are using it several times each day and some only use it once a month. By adding all numbers together you can offer a mixed price that covers all users.

For £3-4 a month it wouldn’t be cost effective enough for Curve, they would lose a lot of money with that and in the end the feature would be removed entirely or Curve would cease to exist.

Thats why there is a % top up fee for the AmEx wallet for free Curve cards (Blue and Grandfathered Black), which is more than fair imo. You pay for what you get and for the amount you use it for.

I can tell you from a merchant perspective its very expensive to accept and charge AmEx cards, thats why AmEx gives out so many perks with their cards, because they earn a heck load of money with each transaction. As a merchant you have to pay more than what Curve asks for to accept AmEx - so Curve is already giving a very good deal for the low top up fee.
It simply is a premium feature you have to pay extra because it is so expensive, if your merchant accepts AmEx you can pay directly with your AmEx card and if the merchant doesn’t support AmEx (because its too expensive), you can use your Curve–>AmEx wallet and pay for it.
Try to understand the scenario from the other side.
Each merchant has to decide whether to accept expensive cards (such as AmEx or Diners Card) and increase the price of the product for all customers or exclude expensive cards and offer a lower retail price.
So in the end when you have merchants accepting AmEx you simply pay for your AmEx benefits (and points) with a higher retail price because in many countries its prohibited to add a payment surcharge based on the more expensive card. So retailers only have one way to cover those expensive fees, by raising the retail price.

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I agree with an End of trial period date in the app!

The issue here is probably that they initially planned on giving us a six month trial, which was cut back to three after the grandfathering scheme was introduced. So I guess Marie simply forgot to update the value part of the post. 6 x 9.99 = 59.94 :slight_smile:

£3-4 will get you £615 worth of fee free Amex. Even the new Black tier only includes £1000 of fee free Amex which would cost £6.50 under Legacy Black.



" Beta Testers will be able try to the new Curve Black for 6 months for free or 4 months of Metal."

Your opening post states 6 monthes free Curve Black for beta testers. Just upgraded and I have a
£9.99 pending payment on my card, and the app states my next £9.99 will come out on 28th February.

I shouldn’t be charged anything until 28th July?

Edit: Also I cannot get access to selecting any retailers for cashback?

Edit Edit: I was charged £9.99 (it posted on my Amex) for my first “free” month this morning… this release feels rushed and mistakenly charging customers does not look good…

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What happens to any amount left behind in the Amex wallet after the free trial period is over and I decide to get back onto being grandfathered?

I love this card and everything that comes with it. But I won’t be upgrading to the 9.99 or even the metal 14.99 pm until the insurance is actually work it. I mean come on… £800 gadget insurance and it doesn’t even cover accidental. It’s pretry poor especially most gadgets are 800+. It’s a real shame.

It mentioned in the OP that the metal insurance provides coverage for cardholder’s family:

I can’t seem to find such family provision in the insurance policy available in the app? (UK-Terms_and_Conditions_of_Insurance_provided_by_AXA_Travel_Insurance-24.01.2019.pdf)

Yes I think it says in the black and metal that all travel insurances are for the Family. But in black the max amounts are clearly to low to cover a family.

But that said I am extremely happy that I am able to keep my grandfather black. 0%FX is perfect for me. I just add another card like Barcleycard that gives me the nessesary insurances

I’m not saying what I’m saying to help them set a pricing strategy. I’m saying them from my singular point of view as a consumer - it’s not priced right for me, and I’m disappointed. I’ve said what I would be willing to pay for the features I get currently, combined with Amex usage. Don’t particularly care how they reached the price.

I’m well aware of the considerations merchants have to make when deciding to accept Amex, I work in retail banking…although you missed the point that merchants also decide whether to accept Amex based on the estimated uplift in revenue (needless to say, Amex cardholders have greater spending power than MC and Visa cardholders on average). As a merchant, if you decide to bite the bullet of Amex fees - its because you expect to attract wealthier, higher spending customers. Not something that will cause you to raise prices…

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Perhaps we are such a small part of the customer base that it’s ok to disregard our right to try the new subscription model cards safely when they are fully functional?

Just my 2 cents - why I got Curve:

  • 0% FX rate
  • use of AMEX in places that don’t accept AMEX
  • all those benefits without opening another bank account, and therefore dealing with another bank.
  • consolidating all cards (and benefits of those cards) into 1, light, unbulky card. Wallet freedom!

Now, the only reason I got my AMEX is for the Cashback (0.5%-1%), no annual or montihly fees. If AMEX is going to cost me more to use on Curve than I get back from it, it’s obviously not going to be with it for me.

I understand that other people got Curve for different reasons, and Curve can’t satisfy everyone all the time. Would a modular subscription option be viable? Pay for the benefits you want, don’t pay for the stuff you don’t want?


I don’t think so, or it would be disproportionately priced.

In this hypothetical model, Curve would charge a smaller percentage based fee for Visa and MasterCard and a larger one for Amex which would probably turn off a good chunk of the customer basis due to no free tier which would reflect their costs to process any transaction. Rewards would be an add-on which most people would need to do the maths on, no FX fee is another add on, the card material is another one, insurance, ATM withdrawals, etc.

Unbundling might make sense for the consumer, but it’s unlikely to benefit the entire customer base since all costs would be passed on with a markup to ensure profitability. We all like the idea of paying for features we want, but then Curve won’t make money.

Right now, those that pay for tiers but don’t use much will subsidize Blue cardholders and those that use their cards a lot more. As @Lucas said, a mixed calculation is being done to even things out.


You’ll have it available to spend within your usual spending limits. As you’ve already added the balance to your Amex Wallet there won’t be additional fees to spend it.