We need to verify your identity

How does (feature) work?

I can not verify my identity with my pass port and pictures by my self.
It say there are an error and stop up.

What to do?

Hey @raymondsokn, did you contact the support team to request assistance when with issue cropped up for you?

@Curve_Joel a question would be why doesn’t the app work like it’s supposed to. I’ve messaged support for months now without a response. Similarly exhausted customers shoud not need to expect to reach out to support when the product should be ready for prime time.

It could be that the verification process is incompatible with your phone in some way

Hey @Shikarnaya, you’re completely right that customers should have a completely hassle-free experience when spending with Curve as simplifying your finances is our primary goal.
However, as with all highly technical products, there’s always the chance for errors to occur with the product. By reaching out to our support team, you not only give them the opportunity to help you personally but you also help them to identify recurring issues so that our engineering can reduce this margin for error in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation on these occasions and I’m sorry for the delay in our support team resolving this for you. Have you received a response from the team yet?