We’re Extending How Far You Can Go Back In Time

We’re Extending How Far You Can Go Back In Time

Cher wanted to turn back time and find a way and Elvis Presley had an absolute shocker of time returning his mail successfully.

We’ve all bought things over the last few months we probably regret now (gym membership, suitcase… mirror?!). If there was ever a need for a time machine it is now…

We can’t reverse your spending or return the things you purchase before we were asked to batten down the hatches but we can help you manage your cash flow.

That is why we are extending our Go Back in Time feature from 14 days to 90 days for all customers.

This means you can now move any payment under £5000, made in the last 90 days, to a different card in your Curve wallet.

We hope this can give some small relief to those who may need a bit of that right now.

How to move a transaction using Go Back in Time

  • From either the home screen or your timeline, tap the transaction you wish to move. It can be moved only once, so choose wisely!

  • Scroll to the bottom of the transaction and tap ‘Go Back in Time’ (under ‘Transaction Features’)

  • Select the new card that you want to move the transaction to

  • Once you have confirmed that you would like to move the transaction, you will receive confirmation

  • The transaction will be moved to the new card immediately and the 1st card will be refunded within 3-5 working days. This is the time it takes for your bank to process the refunds - we can’t make them work any faster!


Haha okay this answers my question that I just posted :raised_hands:t4: This is brilliant.

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Also, is this temporary or permanent? Please be the latter. :pray:t4:


Good news, thank you Curve! :hugs::+1:


Wow amazing. :slight_smile:


It’s going to be pretty useful, thank you.

@Curve_Marie: It needs a minor correction:

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This is great!

Yes it tempory

We’re extending our “Go Back in Time” feature from 14 to 90 days for all customers for a limited time.

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do we know how long the extended feature will last?

Not seen it so far, was just the phrasing above in the email I received. Also I guess in the future the duration allowed could vary by tier?

Why just for a limited time?

Because it will likely be a premium feature for Metal card holders only. Rest will have the normal 14 days time period.

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When enough benefits are in the paid-for cards, then I will upgrade. For now it is too mediocre.

Thank you for highlighting this. Could you please help me a bit more - when do you see the two different screens?

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Any transaction that’s outside of the 90 day period are showing the 14 screen.

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Exactly. @Curve_Marie

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I can’t see this being a temporary measure, given Curve have raved about it across all social media platforms as a way of interesting new customers? Surely just an email to current customers explaining this is just a temp measure during the circumstances would’ve been the case if it wasn’t?

According to this blog post, it is a temporary extension.

Bit much to rave on about it, making it a big deal to then remove…

To be fair, it is promoted a lot, but mostly as a relief during the time of the virus. On the other hand, as others previously mentioned, this might be some sort of a test and in the end