We’re Extending How Far You Can Go Back In Time

Until the UK rejoins the EU :grinning:

I’ve just noticed an inconsistency between the UK Curve website and the International Curve website. On the UK website it says you can Go Back in Time for 90 days old payments, where on the international website it says you can Go Back in Time for 30 days old payments.

I hope this is just a mistake on the international website and that Curve is not planning to go from 90 days to 30 days.

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Hey! Thanks for flagging this, I’m going to follow this up and get some more information on this for you. Back shortly!


Hey! Just found out that this is an error with our website, it is in fact 90 days for UK and EEA customers. Thanks again for flagging this to us, we’ll make sure it’s corrected as soon as possible :sparkles:


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90 days was only temporarily ‘because of’ Covid pandemic and will be reverted to 30 days in September. Please continue the discussion here: