We want your questions!

We want your questions!

Hello everybody :wave:

At Curve, we think big and innovate. We’ve launched some pretty exciting features in the past 12 months, if I do say so myself, and are continuously working on achieving our mission of bringing banking to the cloud.

Behind the scenes, working on improving the Curve experience every day and making this possible, is our Product team. Our Product team strikes the perfect balance between being the glue that holds Curve’s processes together and being the battery that powers the execution of our ambition Product Roadmap.

We want to give you court side seats to our Head of Product, Aimee, by allowing you to ask her anything! Aimee joined Curve in 2019 and has played a key role in bringing some of our latest features to life - Anti-embarrassment mode, Curve Balances, Loyalty Cards and Curve-Cash Auto Spend. We now want to share her wonderful brain with all of you!


Just drop your questions below :point_down: You could ask her about her career so far, her role at Curve, her favourite Curve feature, her favourite colour - anything at all! However, please be respectful and ask appropriate questions, this is a safe and friendly Community for everybody.


You have until Monday, 8th March, to add your questions to this topic. We’ll then gather all questions and Aimee will answer as many as possible. Her answers will be recorded and we’ll share the video with you.

We’re excited for Aimee to answer your questions and to provide an insight to her life at Curve!


What’s your favourite food and why?


how you will prioritize reported issues in the future? how you will work together with engineering team to find a balance between fixing very serious bugs reported long ago and introducing new features?


What is the time frame for Samsung Pay rollout for Curve within the whole EEA (please don’t say there is no time frame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)? Do you plan a feature allowing to set underlying card’s currency to “pass through transaction’s original currency” (so the currency conversion is made by the underlying card)?

These two are the most demanded Curve features for me currently. :hugs:

Thank you for your reply! :bouquet:


When release the Curve Balances in EEA?


Where do you see Curve in 2 years time? Not 5, 2. I say this because the Fintech world is fast moving and the competition is becoming stronger. What will set Curve out from the rest (despite it not being a bank?)


Are there any plans to implement gift cards into the app?

I buy my gift cards at a discount and it would be super cool to be able to buy discounted gift cards in the curve app and use them straight from the app. I have a few ideas to try to make this work!

Also, Curve metal was a game changer, but that was back when it was launched, Monzo metal had a few extra tricks up it’s sleeves and arguably had a better mobile phone insurance policy, what are you doing to make metal worth its weight?


Any plans for crypto? (I mean real crypto, not fake-crypto that Revolut & Paypal push)


Like bitcoin?

Where do you see Curve in 5 years time?

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My Curve card which I use a lot has its base currency in GBP - Now when you have moved your “centre of billing” to Vilnius I think it would logicical that our base currency will be EUR. This would stop a lot of the annoying DCCs “attempts” from merchants when spending!

When will you address the issue of 3DS not working properly everytime everywhere in all countries where Curve is available?
Would you consider lowering the subscription price of the black card? To be quite profitable, one must spend around 1 000 euros per month with the black Curve card, that is already a good amount of money?
When will you address the issue of not receiving a SMS when adding the Curve card to x-pay?


I also agree that the 3DS issue should be tackled ASAP

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When are you going to be more forthcoming with news and announcements?

When will various already launched services be fixed?

What are your plans to evolve curve metal?

  1. What happened to the monthly updates post they stopped with January.
  2. When will Googlepay be fixed? Many users are facing the same problem (I live in Germany) and as a black user this makes me not want to renew!, :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::unamused: UK BIN Curve card declined Google Pay - #22 by noxtare

Dear Aimee,

Every major fintech offers virtual card (as a secondary card) except Curve. Why this crucial feature hasn’t launched yet and when is it going to happen?

You can ask Curve support to reissue you new Curve Card with country specific BIN (i.e. it’s base currency will be in EUR, CZK :euro: or whatever your domestic currency is) right now! :phone: It’s already supported and you don’t have to wait for anything… :+1: