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Any plans for crypto? (I mean real crypto, not fake-crypto that Revolut & Paypal push)


Where do you see Curve in 5 years time?

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My Curve card which I use a lot has its base currency in GBP - Now when you have moved your “centre of billing” to Vilnius I think it would logicical that our base currency will be EUR. This would stop a lot of the annoying DCCs “attempts” from merchants when spending!

When will you address the issue of 3DS not working properly everytime everywhere in all countries where Curve is available?
Would you consider lowering the subscription price of the black card? To be quite profitable, one must spend around 1 000 euros per month with the black Curve card, that is already a good amount of money?
When will you address the issue of not receiving a SMS when adding the Curve card to x-pay?


I also agree that the 3DS issue should be tackled ASAP

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When are you going to be more forthcoming with news and announcements?

When will various already launched services be fixed?

What are your plans to evolve curve metal?

  1. What happened to the monthly updates post they stopped with January.
  2. When will Googlepay be fixed? Many users are facing the same problem (I live in Germany) and as a black user this makes me not want to renew!, :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::unamused: UK BIN Curve card declined Google Pay - #22 by noxtare

Dear Aimee,

Every major fintech offers virtual card (as a secondary card) except Curve. Why this crucial feature hasn’t launched yet and when is it going to happen?

You can ask Curve support to reissue you new Curve Card with country specific BIN (i.e. it’s base currency will be in EUR, CZK :euro: or whatever your domestic currency is) right now! :phone: It’s already supported and you don’t have to wait for anything… :+1:


Will CURVE issue a card with base currency EUR when my domestic currency is DKK (Denmark)?

No, you will receive new Curve Card with DKK as base currency. 🪙

Thanks @Petr_Andel, not the answer I have hoped for - I would like not to look out for shops doing DCC in our trips abroad - wherefore an EUR based card would be best. (most travel in EUR countries)

They announced they were changing these from monthly to quarterly.

That’s what I posted :wink:

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Sent you a PM with my recommendation @Lars_Krull. :wink:

Will we ever have the option to customize our curve cards by having a favourite picture added to it, I like the the colour options we already have but I’d like the option to be a little different

Hey everyone, thanks for all of your questions!

@flyingdad Thanks for your questions! These questions aren’t directly for Aimee so I’d like to provide some clarity.

  1. I gave an update on the 3DS issue here - Curve card rejected because 3DS not fully supported - #12 by niklas.holm. I understand it has been a few months but our teams are still working on it - this hasn’t been forgotten about.
  2. That’s a good point! There are multiple teams involved in these decisions and a lot of aspects to take into consideration. I’m going to pass this on to our teams.

@curve-user-569874125 thanks for your question! Again, this isn’t entirely up to Aimee. As the new Community Manager, I’m going to work on providing news and updates here on the Community as much as possible!

All questions are going to be passed to Aimee and she’ll answer as many as possible. Thanks again for your input and can’t wait to share her video with you all! :blush: