Wearable (e.g. ring, wristband)

I have a K-ring (formerly Kerv) contactless payment ring. It’s a fantastic piece of hardware, but it’s a prepaid card which you have to top up. Also their customer support and web interface are awful, and they don’t have a mobile app, which is bizarre.

It would be great if I could have a similar ring from Curve.

PS. Kerv changed their name because of a trademark dispute with a similarly name company in a related business. I assume you can’t answer this, but was it Curve? You should have just bought and integrated them instead :wink:

What’s the market for a ring that allows you to make payments versus Apple Pay/Google Pay?

Fair point, it’s probably niche.

Compared to Apple Pay/Google Pay on a phone, it’s water proof, you don’t need your phone on you (eg. when going for a run), it never runs out of battery, and it’s more convenient if your phone is in your pocket/bag.

Compared to a smart watch, it’s cheaper, never runs out of battery, and it’s not a monstrosity.

Plus, it also would have the advantage of supporting all cards - I have a couple that still don’t support Google Pay, but work fine with Curve.

Last but not least, you look like a magician when you pay.


Interesting. Do still have the limit which is no longer an issue with Apple Pay?

Yes, you do unfortunately. In theory you can do contactless+PIN with any card with no limit, but unfortunately most terminals aren’t set up for it.

I wouldn’t want a ring as a replacement for my curve card, but as a supplement


I love the concept of wearables for Curve. Not only a ring - wearables come in all shapes or forms (stickers, bracelets, watch band clips etc). They could be very convenient for when you know you won’t need chip and pin (short Tube trip, etc).

It’s not a priority right now but it might become a reality in the future. Anyone else interested in wearables?


Definitely worth exploring and I like the idea of non-ring options too (as someone that doesn’t wear a ring!)

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I’m still waiting for the day we can get an NFC chip implemented in a finger (no joke), MUCH easier than taking out your card / phone to pay for stuff. NFC is the future!


You already can. At least in Sweden they have started inserting chips into your hand.

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I can wait a long time for that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Let’s not, eh? :open_mouth:

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Yes, would totally be in for that. Lets put it on the roadmap for near future @Curve_Marie :smiley:

Haha, brilliant :smiley: Can you store enough data on the chip that fits in your hand? :thinking:


My ideal wearable right now would be a ring which has:

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No just no the very thought of it is making me. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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A watch band clip that you can attach to any analogue watch would be awesome, since it would be the most universal for those wearing watches.

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Hello all,

There is something similar coming soon from the states call Token :

Look awesome, and I thinks it runs on wearOS from google and uses google pay for paiement card. I’m looking forward to it.

PS : when Curve will be supporting google pay, all your card in a ring!

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Yes indeed. This is the stuff of David Cronenberg. :woozy_face:

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Having looked at “k ring”, I like the idea but their proposition does not allow you to link cards. I reckon if curve did this it would be quite compelling, as an alternative to having a normal card. Either develop themselves or collaborate with k ring or similar.


Hey Amo! Welcome to the Community! :wave:
This is a really interesting idea :thinking: we’ll be sure to pass this onto our Product Team for future developments. Thanks!

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Cool! I’d definitely be keen for a payment ring linked the same way as curve is.