Web app version

Web app would be a nice extra for those who want to do more with the curve app and find doing it on a pc or laptop easier. So you can copy and paste into excel and do your own reports from insights, cross reference with your online banking etc… Some of us just find that easier to do on a larger screen.

or simply those who don’t want to install an app and can just log in from a browser on their mobile (perhaps a work phone that does not permit installing curve app etc…)

Surely all the gubbins are in place for something like this and another API layer interaction and snazzy web work is all thats needed? :wink:

A very good idea, yes please.


A fully-featured web interface for use on a PC/Mac would be a great addition. Yes, this is a pure mobile-play, but sometimes when you are doing banking, finance management or purchases on your desktop device, having to pull your phone out of your pocket to change cards can be a minor annoyance. Would also be great to be able to see all your transactions on the big screen!


Hey @leon_funnell! :wave:
This is something that has been suggested and is currently on our Product Team’s bucket list, although we don’t have set timeframe for this yet!


Was about to open a new topic, but spot this.
I think a web app can be really interesting, mobile apps atm has no killer feature that require a real mobile hardware (except for camera for image recognition), so a web dashboard built on top of the current api should be doable.

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Very good idea. Curve web app would have to be available 2FA (two factor authentication) due to increase security


Would love to have the functionality to transfer between accounts on the Web version and have access to the insights (an improved version of the app version, with more information, since it’s actually quite bad at the moment)

Edit: and the ability to lock the card, for sure, can be quite useful if you loose your phone


+1 locking the card, that’s for sure if your phone is robbed or lost or whatever

Additionally, I’d suggest a web version of chat support, for desktop convenience or just as replacement of unavailable/lost/… phone

Those two would be my very minimum web features, but a full webapp version to check transactions, add cards, etc would be finally the goal, with same or simmilar set of main features as the mobile app.


Other use case I would have used right now is to check the real exchange for a transaction when you have just done it. I am in front of my computer, I placed an order to Amazon and paid using GBP when my cards are EUR based, and honestly, I have not idea where (in the house) my phone is right now, But I would like to record the purchase on my accounting software immediately, so I don’t forget. I cannot because I don’t have a web interface for my Curve account :sweat_smile:

Really good idea! Exporting transactions on your PC would be great too.


Hi is there any update on a when a web application will be out? For switching cards and checking payment confirmation the mobile app makes sense but for all other functions a web app would help. Even revolut has one now (though obviously a different product.) The team mentioned they were investigating this in their January product update but since then nothing but silence Curve Product Update January 2020. Whats going on?

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