Websites say card doesn't work. Sometimes payment. Sometimes no payment


Use the curve card with the mco debit card selected.
And something goes wrong.

1st payment: 30 euro.
Order ebay. Paid with curve card
Site says: Your payment could not be processed. Check the card details…
Don’t know if that order was successful and don’t want to order again because then I might pay twice or order the stuff twice. Can’t retrieve the order because I ordered as a guest.
In the curve app I do see a payment but on the MCO debit card I don’t see any payment.
Saw a quick notification of curve but can’t figure out what it was.

2nd payment: 5 euro.
Wanted to pay a donation of 5 euro on
Curve visa data filled in, the site says the data is not correct.
I think I got a notification of curve. Don’t remember which one.
See the curve app that says 5 euro.
See also the payment in the MCO debit app.
So there is paid but I have not been able to link my data on the website because the site reported that something was wrong.

How can I cancel / undo the payment of 30 euro?
So that it is off the curve card and is not suddenly debited from my MCD debit card.

I have lost a bit of confidence to use the curve card.
It seemed so convenient to me to only need 1 card in the end.


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Both me and my wife are using their Curve with their MCO card selected on daily base and can’t remember there was any problem ever… :thinking::+1:

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Ok. That’s good to hear. Do you use a physical curve card?

We both have physical cards (UK BIN) with Curve Black subscriptions. But we usually pay through Google Pay.

I haven’t received my physical card yet. Maybe that’s the problem. I wait until I have received the card, then validate it and then I try again.

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Hey Janm, welcome to the community! Not having a physical card shouldn’t be a problem as you should still be able to use your digital card to make payments. Have you contacted our support team about this issue yet? We can’t view your account here but they’ll be able to look into this for you.

It now seems that on the MCO card those 5 euros have been refunded. As far as it looks no payments have been made. But in the curve app I still see the amounts of 5 euros and 30 euros.
At Insigns the top personal spend is 5 and 30 euro and at Top Card Spend the MCO card with 2 transactions is 35 euro.
Will these be written off anyway? Can I take them away / cancel them somewhere?

To which email address should I contact for problems?

This is probably down to an in-app display error but you can contact the support team with the email ‘’ to be certain. I’d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well and then the support team should be able to provide a solution for you there if that doesn’t work.

Ok. Thanks for your help. I will reinstall the app soon. Now a little busy installing a new hypervisor server.

App reinstalled but amounts are still there. I am going to mail support.

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