Weekend fees in Denmark?

So I went to Denmark, Copenhagen with my Curve Blue commercial in August 4-7, 2022. No problem on Thursday-Friday, I got the MasterCard exchange rate.

Then it became Saturday and I was to pay 170 DKK at a food market. I When I used the card they wanted to charge me 176.37 DKK. A fee of 6.37 DKK was added. 3.6117253501162% fee. A nets terminal. The receipt said nothing interesting, Gebyr på betalt belöp (fee on paid amount).

The food man said it was because I used a non EU card and it was standard across Denmark with this fee. But I had paid in several restaurants the days before and even the same day.

In the evening I went to a pub and bought a drink for 60 DKK. Same story, 62.10 DKK had to be confirmed. 0.033816425120772% fee. Nets terminal again.

What is going on? Who’s charging fees? Shall I use EU cards on weekends to avoid this fee? Is it because it is commercial? How do I curve this issue? :moneybag: