Weekend FX applied with Revolut

Was wondering if someone could shed some light on why I was charged a FX for a cash withdrawal in Europe - when using my revolt card through my curve card?

I had the money on my revolut card in € and the card currency in € on my curve app.

Are you sure the weekend mark-up is not just displayed (which still is a bug), but is not applied? This is exactly what happened to me last Saturday. I withdrew 1000 CZK at an ATM with my Revolut card through Curve and I had set my Revolut card to CZK in the Curve app. 1000 CZK was taken from my Revolut account, but the Curve app still showed that a weekend mark-up (€0,57) was applied, but it clearly wasn’t. See screenshots from Curve app and Revolut app below:

Alternatively if a FX mark-up was indeed applied (so not only displayed) another possibility could be that you (by accident) chose for DCC at the ATM. I also was given that option at the ATM in Prague, but chose to withdraw in the local currency and not use the currency conversion the ATM offered me.


Curve seemed to me a good idea for low amount FX transactions, as it does not require topup
(All this all your cards in one/cashback/metal/whatever doesnt appeal to me in the slightest), but after all posts about:

  • nontrasparent exchange rates
  • inconsistent exchange rates shown
  • duplicate transactions (only sporadic/restricted to a few cases, but still)
    I no longer think so. With transparent rates (just display a currency converter in the app with the rates used at that moment and applicable margins/fees added) and better implementation this would be a great feature…
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And you can set the card to the local currency
And after the weekend move it and save the fee

Use 1 revolut card
Set it to local currency
Have 1 virtual card, set it local currency
Use go back in time with curve