Weekend transaction additional charges just for nonGBP transactions?

Good morning.

silyy questions I think…

It is stated

On weekends (which we count as Friday 23:59 GMT - Sunday 23:59 GMT), the UK foreign exchange markets are closed. During this time, we take the rate from Friday 23:59 GMT and charge an additional 0.5% for all conversions made between GBP, EUR and USD and 1.5% for all other currency conversions.

Does it mean that for GBP transaction, in UK or abroad, this is not valid?

Thank you

Yes, that is what it means. Because in that case no conversion is made on Curve’s side (at least when your underlying card is set to GBP when you are in the UK or set to the local currency when you are abroad and are paying in the local currency. If abroad and for some reason not paying in the local currency but in GBP then your underlying card has to be set to GBP).