Weird authorisations behaviour

Something I’ve never seen before, but which has happened twice now in the last few days - an authorisation (‘pending payment’) appearing on the underlying card which doesn’t match the real transactions.

To take today’s example, I used Curve (via Google Pay) for three txns, for £13.60, £20.66 & £31.21 - first one was at one retailer, the other two from another.

  1. They appear correctly in Google Pay.

  2. They don’t currently appear in Curve app at all - neither under the card used, nor in the timeline.

  3. The really weird bit - on the account for the underlying card they have been amalgamated into a single authorisation (pending payment) for 65.47, allocated "CRV* + name of first retailer.

I saw something similar a few days ago, which got corrected when the capture happened (so that payments were no longer pending).

Anyone else seen this, or got any idea what’s going on?

I have this problem also with two transactions made today. Nothing appears in Curve app after the payment. The transactions should be visible under the card and on Timeline, but there is nothing. This is a issue that should be fixed now, itvs impossible to Go Back In Time, and you have no idea what payments you have made.
The underlying debitcard works, and and payments went through. Curve app does not work now.

Transactions not showing up happened before with curve (usually they show up sometime later), but situation rgp described is something new & weird. :thinking:

I have made only 1 purchase today with Curve.

p.s. I sent e-mail to support about this. Lets see when/if they answer.

Update: Support was super quick to answer. :heart: This is what they said:

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I can confirm that this happened to me also. A payment for your Czech post is not shown in the Curve app, but in the underlying card it is with CRV*something shown.

I’m glad it’s not just me, I’ve been having some very weird authorisation behaviour. Mostly with the authorisations being more than the transaction but also in some instances it’s settled at the higher amount and then I’ve received a refund. It’s making it very difficult to match up transactions on my timeline to transactions on my statement, it makes me worry that I may have been overcharged on occasions and never been refunded and not even noticed.

@Curve_Marie Does Curve has some kind of system in place to detect cases of funds that haven’t been returned? I.e. there have been £10,000 of various transactions that have taken place but £10,100 have been ‘loaded’ by the underlying cards.

I keep track on daily basis of all of my expenses using other means and can tell it has not happened even once with curve (at least yet). So far, bilance is fine.

Hi to everybody, I’m experiencing the same troubles. I started to use my new Red Investor Card, just arrived last Friday. I used it in my usual pharmacy and my usual supermarket but I’am not able to visualize them in the App ( Tab “Wallet”) but the total is visible in the Tab "Card -> Curve Card Limits etc. etc. But didn’t go wrong whit retailers or vendors, all the transactions were authorized and payed. I want to verify now on the online statement of my “Underlying” card (ING Direct N.V. Mastercard). Can the support read this post or I need to contact them?
Thanks to all and, Best Regards to CURVE team and users from Sicily island.

It’s still not working.

Hmm … yesterday’s transactions do now appear correctly in my timeline, but that doesn’t explain the strange amalgamation of three separate txns into a single pending payment on my underlying card … maybe that’s an unrelated issue.


Thank you for highlighting this we are currently looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, “All Systems Go”, since this morning all the transactions with new card are displayed correctly. THANKS CURVE Team.


This issue has now been resolved. If you have any further issues please contact support