Weird refunds

Anyone else getting refund notifications from purchased made with curve card in 4th october ? So far I got them for 2 purchases made that date. I did 5 purchases (POS sales) in shops that day.

Only possible reason - merchants did not take funds within 7 days. But thing is those refunds does not show as refunded in my underlaying card (revolut), so if those merchants try to charge curve card again as delayed charge (or whatever its called), I will be charged again from underlaying card?

Anyone experienced something like that ?

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I had a transaction recently that overnight triggered a “declined” message from Curve. The underlying card showed a reversal.

Can’t be 100% on the date, because it seems to have been cleared up. I can’t spot the refund on the card any more, and Curve is not showing the declined either. But it is likely that it was Friday 4th Oct, as I remember which merchant was involved.

Hey @moon - if you email our support team at, they’ll be more than happy to look into this for you :grinning:

Ok, email sent.

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