Weird representation of amounts > 1k


I’m new customer of Curve and find some functions of the app very weird…

  1. Transactions ver 1 k shown in a funny way… For example, 1,100 CZK shown as 1,1CZKk, which is VERY confusing

  2. Transactions that were fully refunded are appears normally - the only place to see that the transaction was refunded is in a “Go Back in Time” section, which states that the transaction was fully refunded

  3. Even though transaction was refunded, it is count in “Insights” as spending…

  4. When using multi-currency cards (like Revolut) with Curve, “Insights” showing all currencies correctly, but in a “Wallet” “Total spent this month” counts only transactions in currently configured currency.

Am I missing something, or those are known bugs ?