Weird "upgrade"?

In the card menu your active card will show up. If the two dates are different you will know which one it is.

And it is not strange you still see the upgrade option, since you are in legacy black (at best) and so you still (should) have the option to upgrade to (subscription) black or metal.

I see only my “old” (Blue) card. I activated my new (Black) card, but it is nowhere to be seen.
Dooh. “legacy black”. So that raises the question…what did I pay 50 pounds for?

You paid for legacy black. You will be grandfathered in legacy black.

Still my question: what is the expiration date in the card menu.

exp. date is year 2021.
All in all this is just bad service then…

This pretty much qualifies for bait-and-switch.

And 2021 is the date on your new or old card?

You’ll get the benefits of the (old) legacy black. That is what you paid for.

The old card has exp. date of 2021…

Ok, so looks like your legacy black card is not active yet.

I am 100% I activated it.

Ok, but looks like that didn’t work out, since the wrong card (not only the picture, but also expiration date) is shown in the app.

Yeh. It appears that way…
I would have stayed with the Blue if I have known the implication that I don’t get the “back Black”, but I get the “other black”.
Just imagine the user experience for people who are not on this community…
So it’s not the actual performance of the card (service) that begs the question should I even bother with Curve, it’s the UX that is horrible…

Updating now wouldn’t give you legacy black but the new £9.99 per month black.

Oooops I just read the OPs statement properly. Never mind…

Don’t you think it would have been strange to get the subscription black by paying a one time 50 pounds?

I think being grandfathered in legacy black is a good deal!

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It would. But there is no UX for any of this. How would you know what you get if there is no slightest mention anywhere on what you get…

I ordered Black before there was in-app subscription update.
Most of my confusion is due to non-existent UX for this.

Also there is some major bugs in the app…i would guess…

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Sure. Would you know this if you were upgrading from the app?

Probably not, but by giving the link I was just trying to give you some more information on subscription black versus legacy black.


The bottom line is - Curve should improve the app.

  • I didn’t know I am getting the “grandfather’s card” when ordering :rofl:
  • Activation apparently didn’t work or the app is not giving the required feedback on the current status of my “subscription”.

Yeah after reading it again I understood what you meant. :+1: