Welcome Curve's New Team Members!

The Curve team is growing at a rapid pace. Please help me welcome (from top left): Malonie, Alan, Dragos, Kevin, Richard Alexandra, Priscilla, Weronika, and Louise :smile::tada:

Are you interested in joining us? Check out our job openings.


Welcome all! Would love a job with Curve , sounds an excellent place to work, pity it’s a bit too far to travel! Keep up the good work!

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Welcome one and all…! You have exciting times ahead I am sure.

Another wonderful group photo :smile: Welcome (from left): Paul, Andras, Samuel, and Catalin! :clap:

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Big welcome and congrats to everyone! Hope I will be able to join all of you one day :smiley:

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Please help me welcome (from top left): Fiona, Garry, Laura, Nur, Andy, Josephine, Veronica, and Tolu! :clap: :smiley: :tada:


you have quite a few romanians in your team :laughing::yum: