Western Union “Blacklist” Curve

I tried several times to send money to my wife in Indonesia through “Western Union” using my Curve card, selecting different cards behind it ( that works fine used directly) but it will not work.
When I called Western Union they told me Curve is “Blacklisted” and to use a different card. This as I have already said works no problem.
Why is Curve “Blacklisted” ???

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You’d need to ask WU why they’ve blacklisted curve…

This isn’t a curve blacklist


Did you get a response from WU?

Yes as I said. In my post.
They said that “Curve” where on “the/a” Blacklist. They could not say why.

I think the point here is that Curve might want to ask WU why they’ve blacklisted.
That’s a conversation that needs to be had between Curve and WU (if it’s not already been had).

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