We've launched 3DS!

We’ve launched 3DS!


Woooo :raised_hands: well done the Curve team!

Wwwwwwwwoooooottttt!!! Congrats!

This is AWESOME news - congratulations @Curve_Marie and all at Team Curve !

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Keep in mind that you won’t receive a prompt every time you make an transaction and that some merchants are not using 3DS just yet


I’m really happy. Nobody will complain anymore. :joy:
One last thing is missing… Maestro support, I hope it arrives soon.


Glad to see you’ve gone for the app-based implementation rather than SMS. More secure and feels like a more integrated experience for the customer.


Haha. We’ll never be done developing! :smiley: On the Maestro note: here’s the dedicated topic: Maestro card support


I have already voted! I am awaiting release. I’m happy, given the situation, always stay on the piece :muscle:

Even N26 and Revolut, have this type of 3DS, without the OTP. I think it’s a new version.

Yep 3DS 2 according to the article :+1:


Curve really have stepped up their focus on the user experience the last few months, which is great to see! I haven’t tried it yet, but this implementation looks really nice. I might even start using Curve for online purchases :wink:


Now we need to understand if it is active by default or if there will be an option in the app to activate it @Curve_Marie You know something?

Based on all other card providers I can’t see it being something you can opt in or out of, will just be on for everyone.

The bank I have, by deactivating the online transaction, according to them I deactivate the 3DS. I was just asking to understand.

Wow interesting - not seen any UK providers with my various cards do that, it’s either all or nothing. Thankfully they also seem to be sensible and for future transactions with the same retailer tend not to prompt again (or at least not as frequently).

Sounds great, but … I tried to place an order to Just Eat Ireland yesterday, I got the notification on my iPhone (iPhone XR, iOS version 13.3.1, Curve version 3.4.5 (6852) ), accepted it, and 30 seconds later the Just Eat web gave me a “time out” error.

I tried a couple of times (I hope Curve didn’t really charge me) getting always same error. Then I tried with the underlying card with no issues.

So it seems that there is still some problem with the feature.


I’d assumed that it’s activated for everyone, but have asked the team if it’s possible to deactivate it and will get back to you ASAP :smiley:

Update: you won’t have the option of deactivating it

@JesusM this feature was activated for customers over time so it’s possible that it wasn’t activated for you at the time for transaction. Could you please contact our Customer Experience team so they can investigate the transaction for you?