We've launched 3DS!

This makes me so happy, well done curve team, makes me proud to rock my investor card when it comes

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Thanks. Works like a charm.

Not working for me!

Received the notification for 3DS yesterday, clicked through without anything poping up. Had to change another card. But this morning, I received another notification from Curve asking do I want to approve or reject on a dated transaction. Unfortunately didn’t take any screenshot but add this data point for you to check.

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Hi All.
I think my Curve card just got declined for a transaction as this came up & it didn’t send me to the app.

I read on here that I should try to delete & reinstall the app. If so, will I have to re-add all my cards?

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After never being able to complete a transaction that requires 3ds and multiple support requests that lead absolutely nowhere, I was finally informed that Curve has not yet been able to enable 3ds for all BINs.

I’ve seen multiple people complaining about being unable to use 3ds in Portuguese forums with one user claiming Curve was able to manually activate 3ds for him after a very, very long back and forth. I was not offered this option. I see people getting fed up and those are costumers that Curve will most likely never get back.

Shouldn’t this information be disclosed somewhere, ideally stating which BINs are suffering from his? At the very least shouldn’t CS be aware that this issue exists so that it wouldn’t send costumers in a goose chase trying different things and sending screenshots, etc when 3ds is not even enabled to begin with?

Furthermore, I was told there in no timeline as to when I would be able to use 3ds. Shouldn’t then I be offered a replacent card that can handle 3ds? That’s what I would expect from a financial institution when my card has a problem and they don’t know when or if they can fix it…

Any thoughts on this @Curve_Marie?


i’ve never been able to see the new 3D secure in action on my curve either for 537591 never had a prompt, on latest app too. however my underlying cards get prompted on almost each transaction for 3D secure confirmation. strange.

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Same problem here and same response from curve team, my card does not have 3ds activated and curve team does not know when it will be activated.
It is a shame this attitude as this card is very nice but 3ds not working is a major problem for me.

Same issue here with my Curve card (53759020) - don’t receive any 3DS prompt and my transaction gets declined.

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Thank you for raising this! Our team is investigating the BINs so we can activate them. Please keep writing our Customer Experience team so we’ll have as much information as possible

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Hi @Cheska,

Hopefully you might have got this sorted by now, but just for info (or in case you haven’t), my personal experience has been that when I have had to delete and reinstall the app to resolve issues in the past, I just had to login again - a nervous moment as it looked like the app hadn’t saved my data - and then all my cards were still there.

Thank you. The last couple of times it’s gone through ok though I’ve never been directed to the app. Waiting to see what happens


@Curve_Marie Does the 3DS support include support för 3DS1 as well as 3DS2? For example if a merchant/payments processor enforces 3DS but hasn’t migrated to 3DS2 yet?

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@Curve_Marie My card (5375 9000… ) also doesn’t receive the 3DS prompt and therefore I can’t connect it to our local payment system (MobilePay). Anything you can do to fix it?

@Curve_Marie @pjleonmartin my card also failed in several 3DS transactions through Redsys(Spanish banks payment gateway)
I’ve had troubles to pay in Burger king, Cajamar and la Caixa

Hope you can solve it soon
I’ve also contacted support several times regarding this issue

Emailed support however been ignored, not great.
5375 9120 does not have 3d enabled, same retailer underlying card works curve does not.

Could you please email at support@curve.app so we can investigate further into the issue. It’s possible that your BIN wasn’t enrolled in the programme.

See quote

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You’re only prompted for 3DS on purchases over £500.

wow, really? Is that written somewhere in faq?