We've launched Curve Cash!

Woohoo! Finally get some extra discount with Apple and amazon!!;

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Very happy to hear that @joel :clap: :smiley:

For the time being, you cannot change the retailers. It is something we consider implementing in the future :slight_smile:

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One of the many motivators for updating the rewards programme was to improve things for customers outside of the UK :blush:


Fair enough. As I say, if you don’t have an Amex card, then this program is more valuable (though still not close to justifying the subscription price in my opinion). This was also previously sold as being something to make up for the loss of Amex though - I think on that count it doesn’t help much.


That was one of the many reasons :wink:


Please consider adding Action to your list of cashback retailers (stores in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Poland).

I’m on new curve cashback but I can’t even select my retailers the system kept the same six I used under the old curve rewards that was temporary now I can’t even edit the list to remove Waitrose a place I never use and replace it with McDonald’s a place I use regular but the original six are fixed I can’t select any

Seems like there might be an issue with your account. Please reach out to the Customer Support team in-app or via support@imaginecurve.com :slight_smile:

Excuse me if I am being daft, but I just selected my 6 retailers but I saw nowhere near as many as 100+ retailers! I did look in the “all retailers” section instead of UK only. Did I miss something?

You’re not being daft. Reaching out to the product team right away!

Hi All

As a metal card holder who signed up before the 18th February, how do I access this? I cannot see where in the app this has changed…

Thanks in advance…

Thanks Marie. Unfortunately, since I selected my retailers, I can’t go back to look. Would be a shame if I missed out on any retailers that might have been better. :disappointed_relieved:

Under the “Connect” tab, called “Curve Cash”.

@gears @Curve_Marie Not got that option under the ‘Connect’ tab…

Do you have the latest app-version installed?

This should be me because I still have my insurance details?
However I cannot select any retailers (never had the option…ever) and only still see Curve Rewards. Where’s Curve Cash? (and I have the latest version on Android)

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@poeliev @Gears @Curve_Marie Latest version installed (

Could you post a screenshot of the Connect tab?

Spoken to curve support staff my retailers should be reset but still same six remains