We've launched Google Pay

so it is set:

My sister also lives in Hungary and has the same billing address as mine, still I am unable to activate google pay on my android phone and she has no issues as I have just activated Google pay on her android phone. I am beginning to go crazy…

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That Update from today is sort of mean. Now it’s enabled practically everywhere but in Germany. :frowning:

Can’t still add my Curve card to Google Pay contactless, even after this update. The notification from Curve says “declined by Mastercard”. @Curve_Marie

Same in my case. Tested few minutes ago.

GooglePay is missing for the cards (in the countries) with a dedicated BIN (non UK BIN):

So I am not hearing anything new. GooglePay was already working if you had a Curve Card with a UK BIN (in general…I know some users are still having issues, though having an UK BIN), which is the case if you live in one of the countries mentioned in the opening post.

The only slightly surprising point for me is that in the opening post Curve ‘officially’ mentions the Netherlands as a supported country, where on the GooglePay support page the Netherlands is not mentioned as such.

Yes, I know. As mentioned in my previous post, the update in the opening post is not telling anything new to me.

Sry, now I understand it (no country with a dedicated BIN was mentioned in the update). But I think it is the first official announcement that Google Pay can also be used outside the UK (…)?

If Google Pay is also enabled in Hungary, why can’t I use my card for touch payments? Additionally, the card’s BIN number is 5375 9000. Still only the following error message comes up “$ 0.00 declined at Mastercard St. Louis” ???

Depends on your definition of official :wink:

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Here also waiting for Google Pay availability.
It should be a really big problem for curve activate it in the whole EU… UK users instead not.


I stopped using Curve until Samsung and Google Pay are enabled. It’s August and I can see Spain is not on the list and neither is the BIN 5539 6339. Pff… :-1:

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I also stopped using Curve due to same reason. I have a ticket opened for few months without any deadline. I still have the declined notification when I am trying to add the Curve card in Google Play app.

This seems to have been resolved. Google pay has been working for 3 consecutive days. :pray:


How did it go?

I had to hard reset my phone and reinstall everything. I think some Google pay security mechanism for some underlying reason needed to see a totally new device ID which it did following reset. After that Google pay accepted contactless registration of Curve. For some reason I waited 3 nights to pass before I actually tried paying at a payment terminal.

Thanks, I’ll try too.

Didn’t work for me. Have contacted the support but not help yet…
Funny thing is it was working prfectly fine until august 6.

I am so sorry. I wish it would have resolved your issue. I don’t think it helps but it actually worked for me only for the second time I reset my phone which I did right after the first reset when I saw contactless registration wasn’t working. Please note for the second time of reset I chose to build my phone from backup instead of building from zero.

Reseting your phone has nothing to do with your Google Pay account.

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