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Still unable to activate NFC payments in Greece (Ukranian BIN 5574 4474). Do we have to wait for a new BIN or something else to be activated from your side?
Also tried adding the card via the Curve app which has the “Add to GPay” button but still no contactless payments.

Hey guys, you will need your country’s specific BIN to add your card. If you have one already, you should be able to add your card to Google Pay via the Curve app. If not, you can get in touch with our support team and they can reissue the correct BIN that matches your country.

Also, if you’ve added it but can’t get contactless to work then get in touch with our team so they can take a look at your account and see what the issue is!

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I hope the re-issue of the card doesn’t cost us money since it is not our fault that the card cannot be added.

Yay, finally! Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for hard work. Thank you to all teams!


Hi! I’m very excited to start using Google Pay here in the Netherlands! However, I don’t see the option to activate it yet. As far as I understand it should show up as a button on the “Account” page of the app? I’m running the latest version of the Android app.

For what it’s worth…

Dutch customer here with UK-BIN (5375 9000) Curve card. Had to readd my Curve card to GooglePay because of phone reset. Eventually succeeded.

But at first I did not receive the verification SMS (known issue, already reported couple of times in this community, but last time was a while ago). Also solution reported here before. Change phone number in Curve-app from in my case +31 6xxxxxxxx to +3 16xxxxxxxx, wait for verification SMS. Now change back to +31 6xxxxxxxx confirm with the code from the 2nd verification SMS.

Now return to GooglePay and try to add Curve card again, now the verification SMS is received.

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Still no luck with GPay
Curve support wont respond quickly, so unfortunately, I have to wait AGAIN for their response!!

Hi! I’m currently using it from Portugal and when I try to add the card (I do it via Curve app feature Add to Google Pay) it says it can’t configure contactless and to contact my bank…

Did you add the card with the Curve app? I haven’t had the opportunity yet to receive an SMS, so I think you’re a couple of steps ahead of where I am.

It doesnt even ask me any code and there wasnt any sms at the process for me. It only showed this screen after loading

smae problem. send them an email and pray to respond within 2-3 days

Yes I already sent via their support, hope they respond fast

Hello Curve. From today, the option to add a card will also appear in official Gpay Hungary and in the app. But it still doesn’t allow the card to be contacted. It would be nice if you did something now.

Hello, Card could be added but still getting the error to contact bank since contactless could not be enabled. Phone number information is correct, several attempts with no success (Portugal)


Same problem happening in Bulgaria too, can’t add Curve card for contactless payment. Sent a ticket, let’s see when they’ll respond.

Hello, Card could be added but still getting the error to contact bank since contactless could not be enabled. Phone number information is correct, several attempts with no success (Hungary) Bin 53759000xxxx.

google pay announced expansion in 10 new markets - Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania.

Funny thing that I cannot so far download and install official google pay app from official playstore in Latvia. Still shows “not available in your country”. Hope it will change soon.

It’s a MasterCard thing the support for new countries.

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Very akward then. I was always blaming google for strange support only in few selected countries. Now its turns out it was mastercard’s limitation? :frowning:

Yeah looks like GPay was limited by MasterCard to certain European countries. If only we were told this in the begining, people wouldn’t have blamed Curve for it :man_shrugging:t4:

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