We've launched Google Pay

The Google pay payment has been slow since Saturday’s Curve service down. It is declined many times by the pos terminal. The Google pay is waiting a lot for the check mark to appear on screen.

There was no problem on Friday.

I do not understand.

Play or Pay purchases?

Google pay, sorry.

Here is a video of the case I was talking about.YT link For me, the check mark comes up much slower than that.

Can anyone confirm that factory reset can/may resolve the NFC payments issue? I’ve tried almost anything that I could think of but nothing worked.

The only thing that I couldn’t try is using an older version of Android. I am currently on Android 11 and don’t have a device with an earlier version.
Another thing that crossed my mind is regarding using multiple Google accounts on the same device (one for personal and one for work).

Updated to 2.53.0 and there is still no “add to google pay” button anywhere in app. How that can be possible is beyond me. :face_with_monocle:

It’s March and Google pay still does not work…

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Finally. I just added my card to GPay with contactless payments. The add to GPay button reappeared under my card image.

@ geemaan what app version are you using?

Android, 2.57.0

Unfortunately still not working for contactless payments for me. Same Curve version on Android (2.57.0).


Same… Hope they fix it soon :frowning:

when the physical card arrives will i add it to google pay and delete the virtual one?

Correct. When your physical card arrives, the details (CVV and exp date) of your digital/virtual card will update and become the same as the ones of/on your physical Curve card. So after activation of your physical card you add the details of this card to GooglePay.

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thank you very mutch.At some point, the Greek language must be included in the application

You’re welcome.

You can mention Greek language in this topic and vote:

I’ve tried multiple times over the weeks to set up Google pay on my phone. It goes through the pages, then at the last stage says there is a problem and I would need to contact the card issuer. Please help

Contact support at support@imaginecurve.com. :phone:

Recently moved to other device (different oem, android 11) and finally “add to gpay” available for my curve card :+1:

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Same problem for me now. Did you resolve it somehow?

They don’t do anything, it’s a shame. Another year waiting…