We've launched Google Pay

That would not be such a problem if Curve had functionality that you could not get elsewhere but the offering is limited, no Google Pay or Samsung Pay outside the UK, still no metal outside the UK, no 3DS, no in-app notifications, no open banking integration so the only way to see the funds or limits of my underlying cards is to open all my banks’ applications, no Amex support, etc

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In what sense have you been brushed off?
Pardon me, but it seems from your post that, as you are a strong advocate for the product, Curve should deliver on your suggestions. I’m not sure that’s realistic.

At least we still have the European Union.
However, they promised to deliver GPay “in the near future” in the mid of 2018. It launched end of 2019, so when they say “till the end of the year”, maybe its in 2022.

I also do not see any advantage in using Curve any more. I have two Visas and one Amex. Since they do not provide Amex integration, i have to carry the Amex with me. Since they have had more downtime than my regular bank i am still carrying one Visa as a backup card, so physically i do not save any space with Curve. All underlying cards but one provide GPay natively, and the one which doesn’t has no fees for using abroad in foreign currency. So i can just ditch Curve entirely and just carry the three phsyical cards with me which i also have to do right now.

Maybe i haven’t abandoned Curve yet because of…i don’t know. Maybe its just because of their good looking card, but that’s it.


Ok this is joke right? End of the year. Are you serious, obviously I must switch to Apple product to feel like living in 21st century. There are two banks in my country that support ApplePay. Why should I use Curve if I swith to ApplePay when I can use all my cards with my phone and then my phone will rule them all :smiley::smile:. Come on Curve be serious.


I thought the same thing, maybe I need to buy an iPhone but if I do, what’s the point of using Curve, especially since we can’t use our Curve MasterCard where Amex is not accepted?

I started using Google Pay with other bank cards where it’s available and I just use Curve card where other cards are not still available.


Same for me but it falls short of the promise of one card to rule them all.
Even with the cards that Curve does support, I still carry at least 1 or 2 cards because of the unexpected downtimes.

Someone tried to change phone region/language/faked GPS to get the card added?

It is very likely someone tried, but I can assure you it will not work.

It won’t work, what cards can be added to what service is determined by the BIN of the card not by where you are located.


My card has GB BIN and still I can’t add it to GPay

Even with a UK-BIN, if your Curve address is not in the UK, it is not possible to add it to GooglePay anymore.

I know that but I replied to the other person that said that it is determined by the card’s bin

Ok, but he also said…

So trying this (even when you have a UK-BIN, but your Curve address is not in the UK):

will not help.

You need a UK-BIN ánd your Curve address should be in the UK.

Sorry if I was not clear enough. A UK BIN is the main criteria to decide who has access to Google Pay/Samsung Pay but another is also where you reside. You need to have a UK BIN and be a resident of the UK to be able to access the xPays.

A small number of people that are not in the UK have been able to add their cards to Google Pay and use it but Curve has shut it down quickly.

What I meant to say was that it doesn’t matter where your phone thinks you are, what matters is the BIN of your card and the address you have registered with Curve.

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Great @Curve_Marie that Curve can be used with Google Pay in the UK since Dec 2019
Is there any update about when the Google Pay function will be launched in Germany?


By the end of 2020

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Ok so It is time to move to Revolut forever!

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So long to get Google pay in other countries

Similar experience here Dan. I added my Curve card to Google Pay at the end of 2019 and it worked well in all respects including Contactless.

For various reasons, I did a factory reset on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 9) and from then on have been able to add the Curve card to GPay but not use for contactless. Message I get says contact bank. I raised a ticket with Curve at the beginning of February, but frankly they are hopeless. No progress, no reason why - they say it is an issue for a small number of customers, I don’t know if that is so!

Kind regards


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