We've launched Google Pay

I wouldn’t hold my breath on it… :wink:
I wouldn’t be surprised if Curve isn’t even aware (yet) of this Polish ‘issue’.
I mean even on the GooglePay support page it clearly states that (unless dealing with an outdated payment terminal) when paying with GooglePay one never should be asked for a pin.

And also says that in case outdated terminal I will be asked for a signature if I will pay by the credit card (last time I was asked for a signature was a long time before GPay arrived to Poland) :smiley:
But you are probably right. Maybe this “regional difference” is not known for Curve yet.

I guess that if you run into an outdated payment terminal in the US when paying with a Credit card you might be asked for a signature (if the terminal has the option to sign on the terminal).
When paying directly (so not through GooglePay) with a Creditcard with PIN and Chip a couple of years ago in the US, I was indeed sometimes still asked for a signature by the terminal.
So in that regard the GooglePay support page is correct.

Even Google isn’t aware of it… :rofl:

If for the Polish Curve cards the pin of the underlying card will still be needed when paying 100 PLN or more through GooglePay, I guess Curve will start to hear this quickly from their (new) Polish customers. Since new customers have to pay for a physical card, some of them will only have a virtual Curve card and…virtual cards do not have a PIN.

Based on the below article, the current implementation of Google Pay in Poland seems to require PIN, but Google intends to remove PIN sometime in future. Based on this, I don’t think it’s something Curve can control or influence.

There are also country-specific guidelines that card issuers (incl. Google Pay) have to adhere to. For e.g. contactless payment without PIN is only allowed below a threshold (INR 2000) in India. Above that, PIN should be entered.

In the Netherlands we also have similar ‘rules’ when a card is used directly for a contactless payment, nevertheless when GooglePay contactless is used, those rules apparently do not apply (or Google thinks those rules are not applicable to them or Google knows those rules are applicable to them but just does not care :wink:).

No that’s not how it works. A PIN is something you know. A credit or debit card is something you have. A mobile phone is also something you have but there is a subtle but important difference.

When you use Google Pay or and Apple Pay to pay for something you have to either unlock your phone with a PIN (something you know) or a fingerprint (something you have) That’s if you are over your country’s contactless limit. So it’s 2 factor authentication so the contactless limits are lifted due to this fact.

So ladies and gentleman that is why Google Pay and Apple pay is more secure and so the banks love it and so payment limits are completely lifted. (Of course that’s as default, certain terminals (Tesco) can be configured to still have a payment limit even when using Apple or Google Pay.

As I said this is not the case in the Netherlands. Regardless of the amount my PIN is only asked once (to unlock the device) when I pay through GooglePay.
Only when I am paying contactless directly with my card and the amount is above the limit I am asked for the PIN.

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Does your country have a contactless limit through?

Yes, it has.

Why would that be?
I do not know anyone that has no PIN, pattern or biometrics in place to unlock their phone.
When using GooglePay on a SmartWatch one is even forced by the watch to pick PIN, pattern or password to lock/unlock the watch. When a SmartWatch is removed from the wrist it is ‘autolocked’.

Ah ok. I thought that might be the case (same as with the SmartWatch), but since I always already had either a PIN, pattern or fingerprint activated to unlock my phone, I never noticed the phone is forcing me to actually have one of these in place, when using GooglePay on it.

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I could add my curve card for about two months in Google Pay as much as I wanted but now Curve again decided to block GPay and SPay.
Unacceptable. Why did it changed again? You could add it just fine

Interesting. In which country are you living and what’s the BIN of your Curve card?

I live in Greece and my Curve’s BIN is 53759000
The fact that you could add it for 2 months now and now you can’t add it, tells me that Curve has done something and blocked it on their side

:scream: In that case I hope my GooglePay does not reset itself (as it did once before), since my Curve card has the same BIN and just like you I am living in a country where GooglePay is not officially supported.

I had to reset both my phone and my watch and now, I don’t have neither GPay or SPay
Pretty disappointed…

Ps. Avoid resetting your device😅

Is Google Pay officially supported in your country?

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So I am not sure if Curve can do something with this. Same as in Poland, Samsung Pay is not officially supported and I am not able to set up this service.

The weird thing is that I could set up my GPay and SPay just fine for the last 2 months (whenever I had to reset my phone) and now all of a sudden, Curve blocked it.
It’s not a problem from Google/Samsung BUT CURVE

See what Samsung Pay claims. Curve blocked it. UNACCEPTABLE

Time for me to abandon curve until I get mobile payments back. No use for me