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Ok, once more if I understood well: are there cards that won’t work for concactless payment at all in gpay? Will curve ever solve this or we are the unlucky ones? BTW my card was alredy added to gpay before, but w/o contactless. Tried a lot of times enable contactless pay yesterday and today, finaly deleted the card from gpay, thought it will work from the very beginning, so re-add card again, and set up contactless… Actualy: not even able to add the card again. So, how to proceed now? I’m in Hungary. Thanks

I own a Curve card with BIN 5375 9000. These cards were able to be added to GPay/SPay couple months ago since they were considered UK cards. Curve fixed this loophole and we couldnt add your cards anymore. Now, Curve announced GPay for more countries but these “old” UK cards cant be added unless Curve specifically allows them again. We are in the mercy of the customer support…
2 full days since I sent the message about that. Let’s see if it takes them more than a week


It will, for sure. But all we can do is wait then.

I made the first payment today and all went well. Added it yesterday without issues…

Hey guys, just a little heads up that you might need to delete/reinstall or close/reopen your app to see the option to add your card to Google Pay.

Also, if you’re having issues setting up contactless please don’t attempt to add your card multiple times. Just try to add it once and if it doesn’t work get in touch with our support team and they can take a look at your account :smile:

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“get in touch with support team” … no comment. Let’s see if they solve our issues before 2021.

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Your card has a CVV number.

You can see your CVV number in your App. Go to account > View card details .

For security reasons you should remove (scratch) your CVV number from your physical card since it’s used as a security-layer and when stolen, the perpetrators should not be able to know your CVV by reading it from your card.

Hello, I’ve just received a new Curve Card, in Italy, with a BIN number 5574 44, that Google pay recognizes as Ukranian… So I cannot use it for contactless transaction on Gpay… Who do I have to contact to get it working? Thanks a lot!

I just made a Curve account for my dad and even though, the bin number is the new one, still I cant add it to his GPay. So thats a Curve problem for sure and Curve doesnt do anything!!!

Hi there! I live in Hungary and read Curve related Facebook groups and there are a lot of people in Hungary who experience a common issue: There is no “add to Google pay” option in the application. I have that same. I tried to reinstall the app but it wasn’t resolved the issue. But I have Revolut where this option works, after it in the phone settings / Google / Account services appear Google pay option where it is possible to add Curve card manually. Is there any other idea for resolving the issue?

One thing is for sure, the button appears only if the app is installed (enabled or disabled)!

Do you mean Google pay app? Sadly Google pay is not available in Hungary via Google play. I totally don’t understand why it is, because Curve and Revolut proudly announced that They have launched Google pay in Hungary too! It is possible to install if you download Google pay from an alternative source for example apkmirror, but it is not secure so I won’t do it!

Yes I mean the app. If its installed then Curve shows the button!

What was officially launched in these 10 countries was the GPay service but not the app. The app has some more things like passes, loyalty cards etc. We already know that.

I think it will rollout soon but they are not ready. In N26 card setting there is the GPay button which opens the card in GPay but that doesn’t work now. So the app is needed to manage different bank cards more easily. Especially the moment you are at the POS terminal and you want to change card!!

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Ok they have launched the service, but without the app you aren’t able to add a card, so contactless payments won’t be work. Nice… We have a possible workaround in Hungary. If anyone has Revolut too, then the solution is this: In Revolut the button appears without preinstalled Google pay. After you added card to Gpay in Revolut the Gpay service appears in Phone settings / Google /Account services and you can add to Curve card manually and it works. But it is not a professional way and you have to own a Revolut account.

I agree! But if you visit the romanian Visa website this is the official way to add the cards ! Also all banks tell you to do that . For now… I hope

Thanks for all your answers. I tested it and you were right: On an unused phone I installed Curve. I checked it and I didn’t find Add to Gpay button. After that I downloaded Google pay form apkpure.com and the button appers in Curve. I deleted both after the test, but I can see the result: it is necessary the preinstalled Goggle pay for Curve if you dont have Revolut.

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Hi! Same situation is in Hungary, Google pay is not downloadable from Google play :frowning:

What is your Android version? AFAIK GPay service (not the Pay app though) is part of Google Services since Android 10. Maybe you have an older Android version and that’s why Curve doesn’t show the Add button without the Pay app installed? (Just a wild guess though. Might be a Curve issue.)

Google told the Pay app won’t be available in Hungary and the way to add cards is to use the Add to GPay button in your fintech service provider’s app.

Thanks for your answer. The Android version is
Revolut shows the same button without preinstalled Google pay app, Curve doesn’t.