We've launched Google Pay

Add to “GPay” option missing for me also in app version 2.42.0. :grimacing:

@Curve_Marie Hi there!

Any news about when GPay will be available? It was working well some days and suddenly it stopped working saying that I need to contact my bank to resolve the issue. I can add all my cards except Curve which is the one I need most.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!


It has been almost 2 weeks with no answer from the support.


For me it started working suddenly. :slight_smile: Still no answer from support, but it works fine. No reason why, or I don’t really know why. I went through the process in an other way, and maybe I found the solution just by accident… I completely deleted the card data from my google account (see: payment methods in your own google at pay.google.com) After I started the whole process from the very beginning. Even logged out in Curve app, deleted all data, and cache of the app itself from my phone, than re-logged in to Curve (in app) and started the “magic” from the app itself, tapped on the add to google button in Curve. It sent me a verification sms, that I had to enter. So finally now it is shown in Gpay, it can be enabled as contactless payment method and it is working fine. Tested in the last 2-3 days. No need to do anything, no need to launch any app, just unlock the phone, and pay. Gpay contactless is working fine with the Curve card. Unbelivable :slight_smile: (and all this happens in HU). So all my mates here in HU, just never give up, and try to solve the issue this way!

May I ask you that you have a preinstalled Google pay application or not? As I see the main problem is that “Add to Gpay” button appers only with a preinstalled Google pay application which is not available in Hungary.

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You do NOT need any “Google Pay” application at all.
Google Pay is part of Android (Google Play Services).

Even you do not have button in your app, open pay.google.com via any browser with your phone’s Google account, if exists, remove Curve card and then in your Mobile phone settings open:
Settings > Google > Account services > Google Pay
Add a payment method
Manually enter your Curve number, date, cvv
SMS verification code will be sent for confirmation.

This is enough :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

None is working here. I have 3 compatible cards working, but the curve is the only one that doesn’t. lol

Well, I’ll wait a bit more …

GPay is only included in newer Android versions, in older ones, there is no gpay included in the google play services

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Is it included in android 9 ? :thinking:

Just get my very, very old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (from 2013) it is with Android 5.0 (still works).

After I attach it to WiFi, open “Google Play Store” and the “Google Play Services” updates itself to latest 20.42.17

In my country “Google Pay (old app)” was never available to download via Play Store.
On this phone Google Pay apk was never installed.

So, I just added to my card via phone Settimgs, confirm with sms - and GPay works :slight_smile:

As I look for minimal requirements for this" Google Play Services" version in Internet - it is Android 4.1+

So, Google Pay APP is NOT needed - Payment via NFC it is part of the Google Play Services.

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I run Android 8 and there you cant add any card under settings–>google /accounts
But it works with downloading the GPay app.

I dont see such option in Android 9 too.

Cho: Do you also have Revolut? Did you register Revolut card to Gpay first? Because I think Revolut is that implements Gpay service to Android and it isn’t a default part of OS. I wrote about it above: We've launched Google Pay

I tested it on 2 individual phones and neither showed Google pay under Account service as default. BUT both of them showed it after I registered a Revolut card via Revolut application which really shows Add to Gpay button without preinstalled Google pay application.

That was the reason of my original question: We've launched Google Pay
… Because that guy wrote: “than re-logged in to Curve (in app) and started the “magic” from the app itself, tapped on the add to google button in Curve.”…and this button appers only in the Curve app if you have preinstalled Google pay.

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I had made a Curve account for my dad and still (with new BIN), I couldnt add it at my dad’s GPay
Here is the “response” from them

On this device, Samsung Note 3 - no.
No Revolut, no Curve, no any payment apps.
It was not switched on for years, just plug charger once an year.

This section of settings menu ( Account services > Google Pay) is hidden on some phones. Some people, like you said its become visible after Revolut, Curve or other Payment app adds via [Add to GPay] button, other said after wipe data of “Google Play Services”.

Until Google provide the new Google Pay app to my country, maybe later next year and because “Google Pay” app was never available in my country, me and some of my friends have more than one card for contactless payments in phone, and going to phone settings menu takes several steps through menus, long time especially when we are at shop pos and need to quickly to switch default payment card in Google Pay, I made small app with icon on home screen which opens this GPay menu on phones setting with single click. Even become an official Android developer (for $25) to publish it to PlayStore for all officially but for now Google checks it.


Thank you for the fast answer.!

Do you have any idea why it is happening? Why hidden this option on a lot a phone? Do you have any tips or solutions to unhide this option! I think it would be a great help a lot of people to resolve this annoying issue.

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Really no idea when and why.
Do not even sure if via [Add to GPay] button (ext. app) or [clear data] of “Google Play Services” become unhidden in any case.

My app opens it even if its hidden in phone’s menu (but remains hidden).

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Add to “GPay” option missing for me also in app version 2.42.1. So, still not fixed.

I got the same copy-paste email :man_shrugging:t2: