We've launched Google Pay

Google/ play store starts to grow Steve Jobs/ Apple-like dictatorial restrictions (was the reason for me to leave IPhone about 10 years ago); I truly hope they will keep this maligne trend under controle.
Your mini-app is great, thanks for sharing it! Why don’t You try F-droid to publish it?

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Maybe try different name of the app (something general like “NFC pay card switcher”, nice name I know :grin:)? Maybe Google thinks you’re trying to cheat users to download your app instead of Google Pay app itself… :man_shrugging:


I’ll check F-droid, thanks.

No, I have a long communicaion with them, several weeks.
The app must have sceenshots but my app do not have own window or acivity, it just opens Google activity and because it is sensitive info of their service they just cann’t allow it.

It did not have ads or no permissions needed. I made it for myself (with help of my colleague) because in my country Google Pay app was never available and I need an option to switch the cards. When I’m at shop and I need to use diigerent cards via phone’ Settings > Google > Account services > Google Pay - it takes a lot of time. Now - one click.

Then I desice to share it free - it could be helpful to many people like me, even pay to Google to become an Google developer in order to publish it in Google Play Store … but they refuse it. Anyway, wish them good well and healthy, I share it to several forums for everyone like me and feel free to re-share it whereever you think will help :wink:


I just wanted to re-add my curve card to GPay because I needed to change my payment profile and now I cannot add it with the simple error - Card cannot be added… From the Curve app or manually added, results are same.

Welcome to the club :joy:


Another week and nothing has changed :man_shrugging:t2:

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One month and it’s still impossible to add Curve card with BIN 5574 4453 to GPay…


I added my Greek card when I activated it. I had the same issue.

Any news?!

Worked on a few online payment yesterday then stopped working and Google wont even accept the card as valid.

Do we have any update regarding the contactless payments issue?

Changed my phone today and noticed that I also cannot active contactless payment in Google Pay anymore for my Curve.

Even tried to remove my card from my other phone but still won’t allow me to activate. Send message to support but haven’t received a reply.

Yes, typical Curve. When did you send them a message? 1 days ago? If so, you can still wait.

Let’s just say it’s also incredible that adding a Google Pay can be so tricky.

Revolut, TransferWise card can be added in half a minute, but Curve is a suffering.

Yeah got few replies for them already but adding my card still won’t work.

Wow, what a delay…

Google pay purchases aren’t too reliable with the Curve card. Disappointment.

In what respect? I appreciate some people are having issues adding their card to Google Pay (I know I had to call customer service to activate) but once added it has worked flawlessly for me.

The Google pay payment has been slow since Saturday’s Curve service down. It is declined many times by the pos terminal. The Google pay is waiting a lot for the check mark to appear on screen.

There was no problem on Friday.

I do not understand.

Play or Pay purchases?