We've launched Samsung Pay


Please, make the rest of Europe able to use samsung pay, I can’t wait to use curve as my main credit card but since I can’t use it on samsung pay I just keep it unused on my wallet.


Hi @samu @Tarthar,

We’re still working on rolling out Samsung Pay to the rest of the EEA.

We’ll post any updates on our social platforms.

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Please, allow/enable MST payments also (currently declined).

Vote here. Samsung Pay MST
That’s i was waiting for.
Now I need to carry physical curve almost always.
After mst enable no need anymore

Already voted when it was created but 7 for now.

People don’t care,because so far they have never needed it. If they need it, it will not be available. Some of us already need it.
If iphone had mst it would already be enable at day one.
We just wait.

Thanks, but what I’d really like to see is Samsung Pay enabled across Europe. It can’t be a technical issue as it seems that it’s already enabled in the UK. Curve associated with a full real contactless payment app would make it my only payment method !

I assume it is a legal thing. Since samsung pay accepted cards are different on each country, however , please make it happen

Looking forward to make curve my main payment method


I’ve received a marketing email from Team Curve reminding me of the benefits of Curve and it mentions:

A safe and easy contactless experience
Checkout using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, it’s quick and easy, just tap and go.

I thought maybe Samsung Pay was finally enabled, only to find the usual message that card is not supported by my issuer blablabla.

These kind of comms can generate false expectations and disappointment in customers :((


Hey @samu, thanks for sharing this with us, I understand this must have been confusing (and a little frustrating!) I’ve shared this with our team so that they can work on it going forward.

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One of the great advantages of Curve is certainly to make your bank smarter. There are, at least in Italy, many small banks that are not so fast in adopting XXX Pay, so Curve is perfect in this sense.

@Curve_Marie it has been 9months since samsung pay went live in UK. I dont know what’s going on, what require as much time to release it in the rest of the EEA but a lot of people only want to use their curve card for this use and are desperately waiting. Add to that your website saying the card is compatible with all xx-pay (which is totally false, there isn’t even an asterix mentioning a condition, which is literally fake advertisement), and the trust in your company is just lowering every month.


Hey Mathis, we completely understand your frustration with this. I know it may seem like it’s just been forgotten about but I can assure you that our team are still continuously working on it. Our team don’t want to take any short cuts with this, we want to make it available to all EEA countries as quickly as possible but unfortunately it takes time. Bear with us for a little longer, we promise it’ll be so worth it!

I’ll also pass your feedback about our website on to the relevant team. I get why this would be confusing and we don’t want to mislead anybody.

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Hoped it was finally coming with June recap… I guess I’ll wait until the back to school in September if not more. I’d like to point too that your website still promote a card that “works with apple pay, Google pay and Samsung pay”. Teams seem to be busy these days.

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Hi all. I just want to say, that a lot of consumers who are not live in EEA wait for your service to get an oppotunity use it with Samsung pay. I mean that there is a lot of countries without Samsung Pay and citizens can’t pay with their samsung wearable devices. If your service will start to work in countries outside of the European economic area, they can your service to pay with Samsung Watch.

Which BINs exactly support S Pay?

Hey guys, at the moment the supported BINs are 53759000, 53759005 and 53759100. There are a few more BINs that our team are still working on adding.

Hey! I was able to add the BIN 5539 on Samsung pay and Google pay from France :+1:

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Same here in Spain. I just added BIN 5539 in Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The Curve app was also updated with the “Add to Google Pay” button.
Thank you Curve team!!

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people with bin 5539 seam to be able to add their card to samsung pay. I still get a message saying my card issuer isn’t supporting it. Im I missing something ?