We've launched Samsung Pay

Not really. I have same BIN and I’ve been trying since yesterday only to see an error connecting to server on Samsung Pay. No matter how many retries I make, always the same error.
However, I could enroll on Google Pay on the same device with no issues :slight_smile:

Hi @Curve_Marie, it seems like every other mobile payment service have launched in EEA, Wich is great, but samsung pay remains the only one missing from your cards. Does samsung makes it harder by any means for Curve to get their services ? Thanks

Good point. Samsung Pay is available in France, Spain, Italy and Sweden (+Switzerland) too. It would be nice to have it at least in remain countries. But if Curve would be able to give support for every EEA country, then it would be big thing.

Hello @Mathis,

In short - no.

Apple, Google, Wena, FitBit, Garmin, and Samsung Pay are separate integrations with separate partnerships.

Today, they are not all available in every market that we operate in. Google Pay isn’t available in Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, Iceland - neither is FitBit and Garmin Pay. Wena Pay is only available in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

We’re not done yet, we’ll keep working towards expanding these offers :blush:

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The question is, is Curve capable of integrating services in countries that don’t support them ? Because if not, we just need to know it. For instance I live in Portugal and I got a curve card to get samsung pay on my watch because samsung pay doesn’t exist in Portugal, but maybe it can’t be done and then I just need to know it and there’s no problem at all. The issue is Curve claiming everywhere I can have something I can’t have in reality.
Curve’s website still claims a card “compatible with samsung pay”, wich is false. I already reported this near 3 months ago, support said they would fix it, I guess they said that and then threw my mail in the trash. Feels good as a customer.