What are your limits?

Just curious, what have you got?

Monthly options:

  • <£5000/month
  • £5000-£9999/month
  • £10000-£19999/month
  • £20000-£49999/month
  • £50000-£99999/month
  • £100000/month+

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Yearly options

  • <£5000/year
  • £5000-£9999/year
  • £10000-£19999/year
  • £20000-£49999/year
  • £50000-£99999/year
  • £100000-£249999/year
  • £250000-£499999/year
  • £500000-£999999/year
  • £1000000-£1399999/year
  • £1400000+

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£500,000 a year

No way I’d spend that much but then again…

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I had to max out £20k/month first then they upped from £50k pa to £500k pa and even then they refused to go to £1.4m.

Many people have to go via £100k pa too. Did you ask or was it automatic?

For how long have you being using the curve card?

I incorrectly answered annual, which should be £50k, not £20k.

As an aside, I think polls like this tend to give a closer read on distribution when the brackets are, e.g.


i.e. ending in the round amount. YMMV.

Yeah I agree. I realised too late to edit it.

I am consistently hindered by £20k per month / £100k per year!

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Once you build up a varied spend history with us and we get to know you a bit more, you’ll automatically be moved to our standard limits:

  • £2,000 spend per day
  • £5,000 spend per month (rolling 30 days)
  • £200 cash withdrawal per day
  • £10,000 yearly (rolling 365 days)

But it doesn’t stop there

We monitor your account activity on an ongoing basis, protecting you whilst helping you spend with ease with Curve. We also regularly review your spending limits and adjust them accordingly.

If you get in touch with support@curve.app they can look into increasing your spending limits for you!