What benefits would make the new Curve Black and Curve Metal worth it?

As with many users on this community I’m a little disappointed that Amex won’t be free to legacy Curve Black card holders. The new Curve Black and Metal offer worldwide travel insurance and gadget insurance and fee free Amex use (Curve Black: up to £1000/month, Curve Metal: unlimited subject to fair use) for a subscription. The Curve Metal also includes airport lounge access.

Aside from the Amex the additional benefits of the new Curve Black and Metal don’t justify the subscription cost to me. Many packaged current accounts come with free travel and gadget insurance. Those that have gadgets covered under their home insurance can pick up cheap travel insurance if needed.

I used to have a current account that came with extended warranty on purchases made on the card linked to the account which I thought was an excellent addition. Surely things like this would make more sense for a company like Curve to include instead of gadget insurance.

What kind of benefits would make you consider moving to a subscription model if Curve were to include it?

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I’m not bothered about the insurances or the lounge access, I have Amex Plat. I’d rather see fee free Amex, a decent rewards programme, bigger limits. I’d pay maybe £5 per month.


I would love a product with better reward programme and fee free Amex too. But I guess, at this time, it would be difficult for them to maintain a more diversified product line.

Just the basics, done really well:

Double all limits from today, time travel supporting fee free Amex, no weekend forex (or based on Monday’s rate), country specific cards and all the things like 3d secure in place would easily be worth the 150gbp yearly fee. The MCC engine should be finished also, airlines still doesn’t come out right. And extra cards for spouse or kids.

If good analytics where added I would be thrilled. Virtual cards can be useful as well.


The current pricing for both black and metal is incredibly bad value. For me, the insurance is not just worth nothing, it is actually a negative, as it devalues any other insurance you hold.

I would be much more on board with Curve charging for extra features that build on Curve’s core value, rather than mimicking packaged bank accounts. Think software features like better budgeting, open banking integration, virtual cards etc. The subscription could be far cheaper, as unlike the useless insurance, it wouldn’t cost Curve much to provide.

As someone who wanted both Amex integration and a metal card, and would be willing to pay for both, seeing Curve couple them with a poor value insurance package is disappointing.


the three tiers make perfect sense to me. Free with strict limits, fee on all Amex loading, minimum rewards maybe stick to how it is now. Black with some free Amex, overseas, higher limits, more rewards, small fee then metal has no fees or limits and a reasonable fee. I just don’t want the insurances, so I don’t want to pay for them. take them out and cut the cost. Maybe offer the insurances for a reduced extra cost under a partner scheme? Maybe along with other possible offers / discounts / partner benefits along the lines of Amex offers and Platinum benefits, always at an attractively reduced cost…


I’d probably be tempted to take up a subscription if the travel insurance policies were a little better. I like to go skiing, but sadly the current insurance product offered by Curve doesn’t cover holidays where sports are the main reason/purpose for travel. So I’d have to go and purchase a separate policy anyway :confused:

The insurance is pretty pointless, as it only covers the card holder so i still need a family policy which would include me anyway. It doesn’t cover sporting holidays such as skiing so i need another policy. The gadget cover is limited to £800 so the latest iPhone, iPad or Microsoft Surface devices are not fully covered so i need another policy.

It’s seems to be a bit of half baked idea, with Curve saying “we need to differentiate the card to the previous versions” but none of the additions are really that useful.

The CDW waiver only covers you when you pay with your Curve card. And the rental car must have a list price of less than €35k which will be OK for most in Europe, but maybe not all hires (eg SUV people carrier in the USA).

The weight of the metal card is the equivalent to 3 regular plastic credit cards.

All in all, im not that impressed with the metal or new black and think i will stick with my free grandfathered benefits.


Totally agree with all your points. I’d be happy paying for a card that had some useful additional benefits like extended warranty on purchases, greater range of retailers participating on the cashback scheme, etc. What would add value for you?

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I hope this would give the curve team a bit of idea on what I want :slight_smile: After all, that’s why we are in the community.

I’ve actually read all the policy Ts and Cs last night, and it’s not that great value from the travel insurance perspective too :frowning:

I’d like the Black to double the AMEX allowance to £2K free. For Metal, I’d like to see Europe Breakdown Cover as I am then able to dump the Nationwide account which has the similar benefits (incl breakdown cover).

Family travel insurance including winter sports and car insurance
Breakdown cover
2% cashback on the premium
Gadget cover @ £1500 limit
Go back in time feature 60 days

Properly differentiate the metal card from the black

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Old Black (Grey) option to pay £5 per month for £2k of Amex and keep other benefits

New Black pay £7.50 per month for Old Black benefits plus upgraded limits, unlimited Amex

Metal pay £10 per month for New Black benefits and a shiny card

Drop all the other questionable benefits…


Simply including higher overall spending limits would do it for me.


Agree with the above that the overlap with Bank extra’s make the monthly fee difficult to justify just for AMEX! I get it that AMEX fee is non-negotiable at the moment.

The extra’s need to outweigh bank account equivalents or have an intermediary card with free AMEX but no added insurances?

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Are 1% cash back from 6 retailers introductory or will they be switched on again and start earning them again is it constant with curve metal ?


The 1% is purely an introductory offer valid for 90 days from setup on the new Curve Black and Curve Metal. Only Curve legacy card holders will keep their “on-going” cashback if they do not switch to the new Curve Black or Curve Metal permanently after the free trial period, i.e. they can trial it for during the free period and return back to their legacy card status.

Insurance is too commonly packaged with any underlying credit card. But i think Lounge key discounts would be a good benefit. Discounts for Curve Black and maybe 2 free access for Metal.

In addition, higher spending limits and possibly, and no extra FX transaction fees on the weekend.

insurance and lounge access are utterly useless to me

i would only consider subscribing if they raised spending limits substantially (e.g. 100k for black, 250k for metal)

would also like to see the cashback systems merged, new temporary scheme offers cashback at retailers i use (whereas the old rewards which i have does not), but a limited lifetime is pretty poor

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