What cards do you use with Curve?

So with Curve’s focus being able to hide multiple cards under one (while we are still waiting for all these features we were promised). This got me thinking… What cards are people using under Curve?

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My secondary credit card, and a bunch of debit cards that are mostly just for paying bills once or twice a month.

My primary credit card is Amex, so Curve is no use for that. 98% of the time Curve is setup to charge my secondary credit card.

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Amex comes out first then Curve with the underlying card was Hilton (decent points) but just got a Virgin cr card so now chasing a sign up bonus but I also carry a back up just in case!
Abroad it was Lloyds but no longer fx free so Revolut first then curve (and a backup Halifax fx free) :thinking:

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Can I ask why revolut first?

Denizen, Bnext, Imaginbank and N26

I tend to use revolut as I have changed/loaded money onto Revolut in advance I had Revolut on an automatic exchange at €1.179 earlier in the month and now going to Portugal today with an exchange rate of €1.1383 if your using Curve at the weekend there is a charge so I use Revolut in € at weekends but otherwise I’m not fussy I can get more cash out with Curve (£400) from an ATM and £200 with Revolut swings and roundabout really. Cheers :wink:

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Seeing as I started it, I should probably give my answers too
-AMEX (when it was supported)
-natwest credit card (rewards points for household bills)
-monzo (social sharing & spare bank account)
-amazon credit card (reward points for Amazon)
-bank debit card (cash withdrawals etc.)
-Revolut (overseas)

Considering some supermarket credit card to maximise their rewards and any other recommended credit card for rewards

Only really use Monzo and Amex, now Amex support has gone I don’t really need to use it, sadly.

Default to Amazon Platinum Mastercard, with my UK personal and joint (with wife) debit cards as well for certain purchases. I also have two of my US credit cards, my Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa and Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard (for American Airlines) loaded to use when travelling.

During the brief window that AmEx worked, I had my SPG AmEx loaded. Since the AmEx debacle, I have stuck with Curve charging to my Amazon Platinum, but I’m reaching the point where I can no longer justify curve convenience over barely using an AmEx card that costs £75 a year. The loss of Xero support from Curve has compounded this.

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You can add almost any credit or debit MasterCard or Visa card. However, there are some exceptions with Prepaid cards. At the moment, we also don’t accept Maestro cards, or American Express. If you are not sure about a specific card, just contact our Customer Support team in-app or via support@imaginecurve.com or post it in here and we will check it for you :wink:

Thanks for the offer @Curve_Aleca. Do you think you could possibly follow up on the status of this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi I use in no particular order

Barclays current account
Barclays credit card

Has anyone connected their payment cards to Curve to get instant notifications, or did you already have that?

Do you get instant notifications with Barclays, for example? @Andycb78


Only barclays don’t give me instant notifications all my others do and I do like the fact I get this with those and curve. It’s actually a big deal to me now even though I get 2 notifications with the others one from curve and one from the other underlying cards

Most of the cards I use already do this, but I use my Virgin Atlantic card through curve partly for this reason.

Going on from there the problem I sometime realise after using Curve is I miss out on some credit card offers such as Lloyds cash back, Marriot double points on restaurants etc (limited time) Hilton and other hotel cards as these are not recognised by card provider as it’s going though Curve so sometimes a disadvantage to not have the other cards with you! But it certainly slims down a wallet.:thinking::flushed:

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Always Amex first (which I guess is accepted in 90% of places I use) then Curve which faces off all others including UK & US cards.

Firstly AmEx Platinum Cashback to get 1% (through I’m really unhappy that they only release it after a whole year).
Then - if not accepted or (and that’s a big OR) to withdraw cash - Tandem with 0.5% cashback.
That way I only need two cards, not 3, to “maximize my money’s potential”. I nearly don’t touch my Starling’s card, except for betting and abroad. In theory I earn 10p for every 20 pounds withdrawn (up to first 10 to be exact), but of course it’s about simplicity. If not the AmEx disaster it would be only Platinum Cashback for almost everything with 1% on everything. The clear reason why we all love AmEx.

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