What changes for the free version


Curve just announced that they will induce a new tier.

But I haven’t quite figured out what changes in the free version. Is there a limit to the amount you can pay over Curve?

Here you can find what limitations each tier (including the free one) has:

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Thanks, I’ve already seen that, but where do I find what the tiers were before?

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That I don’t know, maybe at web.archive.org :slight_smile:

Basically there were no limits at all for number of linked cards, number of GBIT uses nor Smart Rules before in any of the tiers. The new Free and X tiers introduce limits for these features.

All of the tiers offered GBIT up to 30 days before, this has been increased in each but the free tier.

I have the curve card in Google Pay. The important thing for me is what is the limit to the amount i can pay via Google Pay each month.

Your spending limits don’t depend on your subscription tier and also don’t depend on whether you pay directly with your Curve card or through Google pay. More on your Curve spending limits including where to find them in your Curve app can be found on the help page below:

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Thank you very much!