What Curve considers a "high risk" transaction

After getting a decline when trying to make a purchase at Fnac, one of the main high street consumer electronics retailers here in Portugal and contacting curve about it, this is the response:

“Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry you’ve had a decline. At the moment, transactions to FNAC FNAC PRT  aren’t allowed with Curve, as we consider making this type of transaction using a Curve card to be high risk. This is a security measure that’s been put in place after careful review.”

So buying a MacBook or a toaster is nowadays considered high risk. If I go buy groceries should I also worry that Curve considers that a high risk transaction? At least they reviewed it carefully 🤦


I just bought a new 65 inc android TV

With no problem, even with google pay, contactless and no pincode

But you are not allowed to buy a book from FNAC FNAC PRT
Just a example

That silly

I had a decline when trying to purchase directly from Amazon (not a marketplace retailer), which I do fairly frequently. Unfortunately after checking with them again Curve could not really tell me why this particular purchase was being being categorised as such and I had to purchase with a different card.

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear you had a decline. I’ve checked, and your transaction was declined because direct marketing purchases are blocked via Curve as these are considered high-risk.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Please use your underlying bank card to pay for these purchases.

It looks like anything can suddently be ‘high risk’ unfortunately!

Looking into this and will write you an update ASAP :eyes:


PayPal Credit classed as high risk even with Revolut as the underlying card! Total Nonsense!!:rage:

Update: sometimes a merchant is blacklisted as a result of them being frequently used by fraudsters.

We’ve unblocked the merchant in the OP and will keep an eye out :slight_smile:

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I’m glad it was unblocked. They’re a very well known electronics retailer so it’s weird not being able to use Curve there. The only difference I can see compared to others, when it comes to fraud possibility, is that they have some special deal with Apple and are pretty much the only ones who stock in a significative quantity Apple’s really expensive pro stuff as well as RED cameras and in general cater a little bit more to a pro or semi pro market than others

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I assume that you are referring to PayPal Credit being unblocked? If so, then thank you very much Marie, much appreciated.:blush:

Nope, she is referring to the merchant in the opening post (OP).