What did you buy with your Curve Cash?

Thought I’d make this thread on what People have bought with their Curve Cash!

Personally, I’ve been traveling the past few weeks, it bought me and my partner tickets to Disneyland Hong Kong, and bought me a doors-off flight in a helicopter overlooking New York City!


How does one make enough 1% cashback to get that :thinking:

Not just 1% cash back though, lots of referrals too!


What’s more important @Dann, is where did you get the shoes, please? (Seriously :thinking:).


Mine are much better :wink:


Well, I understand your bias, @poeliev, but…nope I prefer the shoes hanging out of a helicopter… (that’s a weird phrase :flushed:).

Yep, sorry, not strictly on- topic :flushed:

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I spend 4 euros buying electronic stamps to send a letter… yes :frowning: my Curve Cash card was selected by mistake, and I can’t “go back in time” to choose another card.
So, some lucky people spent cash back on nice trips, me, just on a letter… :frowning:


A Boots £3 lunch and £4 E27 to B22 adapter for my lamp. Still have £25 worth of cashback left.

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I can’t see how much cashback i have
Support are looking into it

But i would probably buy some usb C cables, always nice to have if one fail

I got them from Hong Kong! From Sneaker Street!

If you contact support I think they’re able to manually go back in time from there end for you.

Unfortunately no, I contacted them immediately after my mistake and they told me that it is not possible to “go back in time” with cash rewards…

Blast !! I just knew this wasn’t going to be easy :angry:.

Thanks @Dann

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I use it on a nice meal out​:smiley::smiley::smiley:have done 3 referrals this month​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: