What do you majorly use Curve service for?

I am wondering how everyone with Curve apply the service they provide.
B/c of my lack of technology knowledge base, I can’t help thinking of the below situation and hope some more professional customers can help with this.

As a promising fintech start up who seems to have unique function that no other real competitor exist. I couldn’t help coming up with a question, WHY? Why don’t some banks establish a platform like Curve, is it because other banks wouldn’t provide the information to them? Or what are the obstacles preventing others from being Curve when it is such a brilliant idea in financial market.

What really keep customer stay with Curve?
Is it because of convenience that people just don’t want to carry more than one card? (so why don’t other financial facilities create a wallet that can combine all your banking info, like HSBC beta but add on payment function)

Or, is that most of the customers using Curve for it’s competitive FX rate/fee? If this is the case, shouldn’t they just find a better way to let customer pay with even lower rate/fee to compete with those like Revolut/Monzo…etc.and don’t need to go through the trouble making all cards in one?

I personally think Curve is a great idea that should’ve been so popular that goes worldwide, but why there is no other banks/payment company/cards company… doing the same thing?
And if they want to do the same thing, would they copy the entire idea? or just pick one of the feature like all-card-in-one or the best FX rate on market?

Hi. I use for every single spend I do. The essential of this company is Go back In time which is one of my favourites on Curve and we can keep on track for every spend with a centralised management of all your cards, removing the need of putting into a spreadsheet or writing down every single spend nor extracting from each credit/debit card statement and consolidating in one place. Curve does that for you! When you have a business card and a personal card registered on Curve and you buy by mistake, normally you will need to explain what happened, with curve you just use it and go back in time if necessary. I love Curve!

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Couldn’t agree more, my wife normally very sceptical is applying for a card,


For real! The go back in time function is really stunning and haven’t seen that anywhere else!
How come this great idea not duplicated by other big banks yet? Is it because of technology wise difficulty or is it because others just not that considerate?

Even the real time transaction notification is not supported by many of high street banks. I guess part of the reason can be outdated and legacy systems.

It’s a combination of reasons. I can go around with one single card, spend without too much worry and then divert payments to the correct card. Meanwhile, Curve helps me keep an eye on my expenditure with a unified insight screen and rewards me with cashback. I believe Curve’s business model is not profitable at the moment and traditional banks don’t want/need to follow it. The Open Bank regulation will incentivate banks to collaborate but I don’t believe anybody will go any. near what Curve is doing.

I once had a card stolen while travelling for 10 months, my UK bank wouldn’t post a new one out to me, only to a UK address, in the end I paid £60 and got my father to fed ex the new card to me in Vietnam.

If I had a Curve card as a backup card, in my backpack in the room, I would have just gotten my Dad to read my new card details to me over WhatsApp and by magic, would have turned my Curve card and transformed my new bank card onto my Curve card without having to have shipped the new physical card to myself by fed ex saving me £60.

Awesome backup travel card in that way.

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Like others have mentioned, it is a layer of security that I can just call the lost card number and not have to deal with the banks. It also offers competitive FX rates which your underlying card doesn’t.

Some premium banks offer a lifeline of $2k to spend however but I’d rather not use that overdraft facility and dig up my bank card on the event that happens, as nothing is compromised on that end.

Also the very fact the numbers are not embossed makes it that much harder for attackers grab your card details.The very fact banks still issue embossed cards shows how archaic their process is going all the way to the card imprinters that many businesses (and especially cabs) used.

Being a past victim of ATM fraud I now scrape off the CVC and 4 digits of my card. I use this card to get my train tickets, and being notified on every transaction is a bonus.

There are some benefits from Apple Pay which negate the use of the Curve, however from a transaction reporting and monitoring it is still a better implementation overall.