What happened to advertized incoming features?

Heya, so I saw something about the end-of-year update on another forum and I was wondering when some of the features were going to be coming to Curve.

Very interested in being able to swipe on a subscription to cancel it. Also very interested in Open Banking integration to have a better overview of my finances.

Also, is there a public roadmap board on Trello anymore? Last link I could find is this but it’s not active.


We are trying a new approach with monthly updates on what we are currently working. You can find them here: https://community.curve.com/tags/monthly-update

Are any of these going into beta and can I try them out when they do? :smirk: I’m currently beta testing for Revolut/Flux and provide comprehensive feedback regularly

Yes, they will when the Beta is set up :slight_smile:

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