What happens if you change your funding card between auth and clearing?

I got a replacement [funding] credit card which has already been authorised as part of checking out via on online groceries site.

The authentication and authorisation took place on the old [funding] card. This has now been cancelled and my new card will be used when it comes to picking and charging the card tomorrow.

What is going to happen?

Hey @BurtonLazars, this would depend on your payment card and also the merchant. There are services such as Visa Account Updater and Mastercard Automatic Billing that allows merchants to continue with payments/direct debits when a card is replaced or details are changed.

However, as your old card has already been authorised it’s quite likely that you’ll experience a decline as this is the card that we will attempt to capture from. Our support team may be able to take a look at the transaction and provide an update if you reach out to them at support@curve.app.

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Thanks Hannah.

Can’t risk the payment failing so I changed the card with the online shop.

How would the scheme billing updaters work, if it it’s the Curve card number they have on file?