What happens when a manual refund is issued to the curve card?

Most retailers now do online refunds which should be easy to track and identified, a lot of shops do manual refunds on the card machine itself. What would happen if I put my curve card in and take the refund, does curve know which transaction the refund was for, if so does it refund it to the original card it was purchased on or, does it refund it to the card that is currently selected in the curve app or does it not do anything? Have any of you been in this situation before, if so what happened?

As long as you paid using Curve, the manual refund will automatically go back onto the card you used to pay.

If you got a refund to Curve but didn’t pay using Curve, you’ll need to contact the support team as the refund will get stuck.

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That’s good to know, at least I can rest my fears of my money getting stuck. I assume the way curve determines which transaction the refund is linked to depends on the amount that is being returned and the company doing the refund however, if there are multiple transactions on that card from the same company and I was only receiving a partial refund how would curve know which card to return it on? In this scenario there would be multiple transactions from the retailer and the refunded amount can’t be matched to a transaction so I would assume curve would have trouble finding which card to send the refund to. Perhaps in this scenario the refund gets stuck and we’d have to contact support.

I had this happen. About a week and a half after the refund, Curve contacted me and asked which card I’d like the refund to be sent to.

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If a merchant puts a credit on a card instead a refund (orbitz.com for example always does that), the curve team will contact you and ask to which original transaction the credit refers to.

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