What happens with Black Legacy benefits if we invest?

I’m and early adopter of Curve and on the old rewards program Curve Black Legacy. I wonder what would happen if I invest as I would get a new card? I don’t want to loose my current benefits.

As far as I understand it, you’ll be fine as long as you invest less than £1,000. You’ll have the option of the plastic investor card and will retain your existing tier.

More than that and it’s a minefield of confusion! From what I understand, you’ll automatically be put into Metal and can’t go back to Legacy Black.

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The more you invest the worse it is for you.

Invest £1000 and you get a taste of “free metal” for a year. Then as a thanks for your support you get downgraded to blue.


To be “fair”, you can throw away your free year or your free 3 years of metal for staying on your black legacy plan.

As an idea, give those legacy customers free black instead (like the 3 invites free black promotion you had and nobody got informed about).