What I Need To Use Curve

So I’ve been relatively critical of Curve due to their previous fork ups (for example with American Express and some misleading things within the app) and they seem to have solved most of these things now, although I believe their insurance details in the app could be more clearly shown, but I’m willing to give Curve another shot should they implement the following things:

  • Merchant data correction (names (and places if they can be added))
  • Ability to hide transactions from the list (you could have a show all button so we could unhide if needed) this should carry across to new devices
  • Not charging underlying cards with active card checks (the £1-2 some merchants charge to confirm a charge is active, that’s never claimed)
  • The ability to mark cards with good exchange rates so the transaction is charged in the currency of presentation to my underlying card (although I appreciate Curve trying to do this, I don’t need it)
  • Ability to toggle hiding refunded transactions on the feed
  • Live chat or phone number to call for problems where I need an immediate response from Curve
  • Apple Pay
  • Flux integration (https://tryflux.com)

I also think Curve Cash could probably be applied to all transactions made to companies outside of the EEA where interchange fees aren’t capped as heavily.

It’d be nice if you guys could work out ways to mark your Curve cards as credit cards so I could only have to carry the one card around (or Apple Pay :stuck_out_tongue:) when I’m checking into hotels

I like the UI/UX updates by the way.

Edit: note that should Curve implement these changes I’ll probably a metal customer for a considerable amount of time :wink:

cc: @Curve_Marie @Curve_Liz


Actually, in a certain way this already can be done. Let’s say my underlying card is Revolut (you know them, right :wink:) and I have a EUR account with them and I am on holiday in Canada. If I set the underlying Revolut card to Canadian dollar inside the Curve app, not Curve will do the conversion from CAD to EUR, but Revolut will do it for me. Of course if you have a CAD account in Revolut, there even will be no currency conversion this way.
When I am safely back home in the Netherlands, I of course set my underlying card currency for my Revolut card back to EUR in the Curve app.

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@Recchan I think you would be better off splitting those features into separate threads in order for people to vote (or not) on each one.

I wouldn’t vote for this because there are features I don’t want/have no benefit to me and so I wouldn’t want curve to use their time working on those over other features I would want to see. That said I might vote for one or two of them individually.

With regards to the toxicity and negativity you mention…your post does read a bit like you are the most important person to curve and that they must give you want you want. Lots of people want lots of different things and I want curve to work in the features the majority want first, regardless of whether that means they have you as a customer or not. A differently worded post would have almost certainly received a different response.


Thank you and that was my point.

100 per cent.

Probably a good shout, to be honest.

I only added things I thought that would have at least a considerable amount of Curve users wanting (aside from the underlying card currency pass through) and perhaps hiding transactions.

Can you tell me what you believe doesn’t have a good amount of Curve users wanting it, on that list?

Did I manage to extract a comment without sarcasm from Starling’s chief Monzo insulter (this is an inside joke from elsewhere, I’m not being rude)

Exactly, I’m asking for some pretty likable features in my opinion.

Who doesn’t want a more easily readable list of merchant data? Who doesn’t want to know where they spent money? Who doesn’t want to hide a transaction or two if it’s cluttering their feed? Who doesn’t want the option of paying with their phone? Who doesn’t want to be able to have receipts within the app? (Especially seeing as Flux is focusing on getting retailer she on board) and who wants to wait up to a week before Curve refund our active card check money?

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Yeah, this would get old for me though as I make quite a few purchases in different currencies and I have subscriptions too, as such I wouldn’t be able to accurately swap my card to the underlying currency each time.

As such, I’d like an option to just pass it through without Curve doing the conversion.

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Please don’t extract parts of sentences I wrote and make a statement or ask me questions about it. You have completely taken them out of context!

The first quote you included is part of a sentence explaining why I think you received a negative response based on how you had written your original post. It had nothing to do with actual list of features, which later on I confirmed I would actually want one or two of them.

The second quote you included was part of sentence pointing out that I wouldn’t want curve to work on your list just to keep you as a customer at the expense of other features that may be wanted more. Again nothing to do with the actual list.

To actually answer your question though about what on your list doesn’t have a good amount of curve users wanting…I can’t as I wouldn’t try to speak for others, although I’ve not seen some of those mentioned before so I’m not sure how you would know there are users wanting them. Personally I wouldn’t be bothered about being able to hide transactions or marking cards with good exchange rates, but if more users voted for those than a feature I really want I would expect curve to go with the majority.

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I take you point, though we should remember that those active on this forum represent a tiny proportion of the Curve user base and voting on any feature suggestions can’t be regarded as an accurate indicator of the ‘majority opinion’.

(Much as some of us would wish it :slightly_smiling_face:).

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That is very true.

In reality the voting system is just a means to get something on their radar, based on a certain level of interest, in the hope that they will implement it at some point in the future. What I meant to say (granted it wasn’t clear :grin:) was that I would rather they use the voting system to gauge interest, rather than a single post from someone who believes they know what everyone wants or something I state that I want.

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I thought I was playing piece keeper initially, saying I could see why someone might respond the way they did (rightly or wrongly) based on the wording of his post and suggested the ideas be split into separate threads to help with votes. Obviously didn’t do a good job of that :weary: although I stand by most of what I wrote.

Yes people will see things differently…would I have written a post like the first response was written…no I wouldn’t. Have I scrutinised the original post I don’t believe so…I made a few comments based on my opinion and have then had to defend them, especially when they have been taken out of context.

I would certainly never mean to offend with my posts and apologise if that is the case.

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Thank you for taking the time to write your suggestions @Recchan :slight_smile:

For anyone who would like to vote on existing ideas related to the OP:

Would suggest creating new Idea topics for:

  • Merchant data correction (names (and places if they can be added))
  • Ability to hide transactions from the list (you could have a show all button so we could unhide if needed) this should carry across to new devices
  • Ability to toggle hiding refunded transactions on the feed

A reminder for the participants in this topic going forward:

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