What is Curve Rewards?

Hi all.

Just opened my Curve App this morning IOS. The menu has been rearranged and there’s an option for Curve Rewards? Anyone seen this or know what it is?


Who’s eligible for the Curve Rewards?

All UK customers are eligible for the Curve Rewards, regardless of their subscription. Don’t worry – we’ll let everybody know when this feature is available also for our European customers.


@poeliev thank you.

Let’s boost that Curve cash! :pound:

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Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much so far. The offers seem to be mostly watered down versions of what you get on a lot of credit cards. I compared to my virgin money card, and many of the brands on curve rewards are there too, but mostly at double the cashback.

Hopefully they’ll be able to get some decent offers in there over time.

Well, in Spain basically no credit cards offer any offers of any kind, so anything would be an improvement.

Still, I guess this is yet another thing us second-rate customers have to wait for.

I’ve got this too!,

Looks like HeadForPoints covered it this morning;

Totally agree with this - just had a look and can’t see any retailers that I’d use in the offers so far!

I also noticed it, got some rare retailers I never shop at. Similar to offers I get from my banks, rewards are for some strange retailers some I have never heard of. Hoping to may be at least see familiar ones soon.

So far, I don’t have any retailers actually listed. I have similar on Santander and other banking platforms. Some retailers I would never shop or, or shopped at - So now sure how these are “tailored” to the individual!??!

I guess there’s no tailoring to you as a user. I have over 10 but none is close to those I will shop at or I haven’t shopped from any before.

Same here… I never shop at any of the retailers listed. I’m missing Amazon, which probably should be top of my list… Along with Sainsburys, B&Q etc…

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