What is going on with residency requirements?

A lot of my friends are curve users. All they were asked to supply when signing up was their national passport/ID, and an address in the EU.

Recently, however, Curve has started requesting proof of their immigration status.

Is this requirement part of some new trend, or is it time to leave the service in droves?

Please explain yourselves! This is NOT a good look!!


Thats something new. And not promise anything good in future.
I read story of one of Curve user, who’s account was terminated, because he live outside EU, even with EU passport.

Await comments from Curve.

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Hey guys! I’ve checked in with our team about this. In order to be a cardholder of Curve you need to be physically living (residing) within the EEA or UK as these are the areas in which we are licensed to operate.

If you have residency but live elsewhere outside of the EEA or UK then we are unable to provide you with an account which is why we are required to obtain further details from time-to-time.
We may request a Visa or Residency Permit if the customer provides ID which was issued outside of the EEA.

You can check out our Ts and Cs for more info here (EEA version) or here (UK version). I hope this helps!

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This is unexpected! All you needed previously was an address in the EU.

I can also understand a request for a utility bill, but immigration papers?! This is over the top!!


I was just asked to send my proof of legal residence just because I am on vacations outside of Europe. I have been using the card daily for two years, and suddenly my card got blocked not because of a suspicious transaction, rather because I am a suspicious user/customer.

The problem is that the card got blocked in the middle of my vacations.

two years of constant usage in authorized countries, and one week outside of Europe and its get blocked and they ask for residency requirement.


Should we tell Curve we are traveling abroad? I may understand the need to do it: it will avoid any suspicion of fraud.
In France some banks already ask to do just that. In some banks applications, such as Boursorama, there is an option which enables to declare any travel abroad. Boursorama recommends to do it whenever we leave the country.
If this is the case, I would suggest Curve to allow the user to declare any travels abroad within the application itself. That would prevent from fraud suspicion and from card blockade.

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Hello, not a good point for Curve. They don’t need to know we are traveling …, but they will block our cards whenever they suspect something’s going wrong. Really bad. Have a good day @poeliev

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And nothing from Curve. Please explain yourselves!


Nothing from Curve? According to me they did respond and explain. :point_down:t2:

This is a non-answer. Why do they need your immigration papers?! Why isn’t your utility bill enough?