What is up with all these people wanting a metal card?

10 years ago it was special to have a gold card and only private banks issued them. Nowadays everyone has a gold card. Then the private banks introduced metal cards. And it looks like ‘normal’ banks are copying that too. Why do people go crazy for a metal card? Do people really think some metal card they bought for around 200 euros/year makes them look rich and cool? It’s like putting a Bentley logo on a Peugeot. I really don’t get it why people want to have a metal card with some insurance that you can get for less than half the price elsewhere.


Because people are stupid and silly people are easy to upsell to. It’s as harsh and at the same time as simple as that really.

I can think of a million things I could spend £15.00 a month on and a metal card is not one of them. In saying that if someone has the money to waste/spend, then why not?


Physical cards are dying anyway.
This is probably one of the last attempts to keep them alive for a while.

I personally can think of better things to spend money on than pieces of metal to stick in my ears or hang around my neck, but lots of people buy jewellery, and pay a lot more than £150 for it.

People like shiny things. Always have, always will.

I was alright with the rest of it, but - ears ?? :flushed:

Mostly because I’ve been using Curve for free for years and I’d quite like them to make a profit one day and not disappear, so I’m gonna go ahead and support them financially.

The metal card is just a nice way of them thanking me as far as I’m concerned. The benefits package is not worth what I pay for it; I’m hopeful that one day it will be before my support runs out!


I’m still toying with the idea of moving up to metal but other than having the metal card I am struggling to see the value being offered against the cost.

I’ve been a huge fan of Curve and dont mind paying a small fee for the services but it has to deliver value to end users

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Earrings :wink:

I’m in the same boat. I’ve tried to convince myself that I can justify metal, but it’s just such bad value :frowning:

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As a one-off payment, I’d be happy, but not by subscription. Much like the £50 Black Card.


A metal card is supposedly to be a token of appreciation from the company because you have a high end subscription package, which you supposedly have because its a good deal for you.

For the metal card to be part of what you’re paying for, not the company giving back for you being a top costumer, and on top of it for the subscription tier to be called metal, like if that’s the main thing, just inverts the whole thing

Yeah it’s really funny. If at least it was the same as the lion’s bank card then it’d be worth it. https://www.lionsbank.pl/karty
But even that one is for free if you can afford it.

PS: That’s a real world elite card :wink:

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Traditionally you’re right, that is the case. I think sometimes it’s different now though - some people are much more materialistic and will pay for trinkets like a metal card. Some people think more logically about what they get in return for every penny they spend and expect maximum ROI, some people don’t. Either is absolutely fine, as the people who don’t are ultimately the ones who enable the people who do to get benefits.

Normally I’m very much in the ‘think logical’ camp when it comes to financial products. In Curve’s case, I’ve allowed myself to be less so because I appreciate that at some point they are going to have to start making a profit and they aren’t going to do that by giving everyone more value than they receive.

That’s why I made the decision to go to Metal - as my way of thanking them for spending an awful lot of money providing me with a free service that has been incredibly useful to me over the past couple of years. I want companies like Curve to exist to bring real, actual challenge to our industry - which has until recently been largely devoid of any meaningful competition. I want Curve to succeed, but I don’t have the money to burn on a large investment so this is my way of helping them as best I can.

In reality, I value the gadget insurance at around £10 a month even though I don’t need it. I don’t particularly want the travel insurance, and the CDW insurance is worthless to me as I only hire cars in my home country. But in this case I’m not fussed - I’ll give Curve £15 a month for 6 months and I’ll see how things develop, because I want them to be successful and be able to afford better benefits for cardholders in the future. I’ve already said elsewhere that access to hot desking like Regus, even for a day a month, would be of much greater benefit to me and probably not cost Curve that much - it remains to be seen if they’ll take that on board.

Trust me, if any of the 10 traditional banks I do business with offered me the same package as Curve Metal, I probably wouldn’t have finished reading the product information page - I’m sick and tired of seeing insurance in packaged accounts!

Out of interest - What is the magical benefit that so many people in London seem to want their Revolut Metal cards for?

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While I see your point, I can’t agree with the statement “I’ll give Curve £15 a month for 6 months and I’ll see how things develop”.
Software development doesn’t work like this, and using your users as beta testers shows a total lack of consideration for delivering a proper, finished product. Namely, if their customers were businesses then Curve most likely would be out of business.
Also, when it comes to paying 15 pounds/month I literally see no benefit on it. Curve is already getting money by me using a Commercial card with an underlying personal card - and they get more than what I’d pay for this. And yet there’s no reward for that (except for being able to use Curve).

As for having the metal card, there are worser things. Like people lining up to get the newest iPhone for no apparent reason. This is the world we live in nowadays, where people are willing to give up their money for such things.