What music are you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to this at the moment as well, I think it’s a beautiful song with nice lyrics.

I mean just close your eyes and listen…


Curve has GBIT but this is the real version of that.

Peter Cetera…extraordinary voice - couldn’t sing a bad song if he tried :grin:

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Please add to the list as it’s really sad if it’s just me adding songs. :grin: I agree he has a fantastic voice.

Right then…

I’m a sucker for those really unusual music clips you’ve never heard before which close out an episode of something (in this case The Blacklist).

Shazam wouldn’t work, so I

  1. Replayed the sequence to capture some lyrics
  2. Googled the lyrics
  3. Played the result in YouTube
  4. :grin::tada:

So today I’m listening to “Lit me up” by Brand New.

No idea who they are, but it grabbed me.

Tomorrow - who knows :thinking:?

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Thanks to have the video up on here just go to share on the YouTube app then press save to clipboard, then paste the YouTube address on here then press save. :+1:

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“Absence Heard, Presence Felt” from Quantic.

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Been listening to this for weeks :star_struck:

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You can condense that down to just 5 minutes :wink:


The album version.

It’s got to be Techno! https://youtu.be/uuzKEvIdPLs

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Conner Reeves is back!

But I like the 80s :wink: “Yo Adrian, I did it!” Listening to ‘Eye of the tiger’.

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