What will happen to my account?

I’ve had a Curve Black since March 16; I got it mainly for the Amex link and kept it for use largely outside the UK.

I’m not following the development much as most of it is irrelevant to me. I don’t want a metal card; I’ve had one for several years and it is more of a disadvantage than advantage as it tends to slide out of my wallet because of the weight. I used to get reward points when i used it in M&S but they seem to have stopped.

I have no idea what is happening to my account; when, what or why.

Is there a simple description anywhere?


If you have it since March 16th nothing will change for you

Hi @gsullymorgan,

Are you currently a blue cardholder or a black cardholder?

@Curve_Ivo Check first sentence of his post:

Thanks @poeliev - it’s been a busy today :upside_down_face:

@gsullymorgan - as an existing Curve Black cardholder, you were given a free 3 month subscription of the new Curve Black programme that was launched in January 2019. If you are a beta tester, you were given a free 6 month subscription.

We received feedback that many Curve Black customers were unhappy with being moved to a subscription model, having already paid £50 for their Curve Black card. Following this feedback, we created a new product tier called Curve Black Legacy.

Curve Black Legacy offers existing Curve Black customers (who signed up before Jan 2019) to either continue on the new Curve Black subscription model (at £9.99 p/m) or be moved back onto their previous Curve Black programme (which you had before our move to subscriptions).

You can read more about this on our dedicated post, as mentioned by @poeliev: Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

Er, as I said before, Black.

All the stuff changing is for people subscribed in January and before. If you only subscribed in March, as I stated earlier, the conditions you accepted when you signed up remain unchanged

@megamaster If that would have been March 2019 you are right, but I reckon we are talking March 2018 or probably even (20)16 here (also check his earlier posts in other topics). :blush:

Then specifying a month without mentioning the year doesn’t make much sense, does it?

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The subscription tiers are now so confusing, everyone needs a personal explanation :joy:

I said I’ve had a Curve Black since March 16.

By March 16 one would assume the 16th day of the month of March, not March 2016 :wink:

I wouldn’t I’m afraid. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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Probably far less confusion than you think…:grinning:

Important thing is - has your question been answered?

I guess that depends on where the reader is from. I use DD/MM//YYYY so seeing March 16 I figured the day was omitted.
Unlike our American cousins I’d expect to see an ordinal indicator if using MM/DD.

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Could be a long weekend…:weary:

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No that’s next weekend mate…

I also write DD/MM/YYYY, however when reading something online I cannot just assume the writer would use the same format as I do. Take that assumption out and the most logical thing is that 16 refers to a day and not a year :wink:

Nope as he would of said the 16th of March if that was the case.

However too avoid all doubt as this is a international forum he should of put the YYYY. In the international understood format to avoid myself writing this very boring forum post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: