What would make me go premium

I am a grandfathered black card user. There is nothing offered by the new black card or metal that tempts me to upgrade. Most offerings are supplied by other cards, banks or my employer.

Here are a few ideas that could tempt me to upgrade.

  1. Many more, permanent cash-back partners at higher cash-back levels. Include decent partners like Amazon, Uber, EE, EON etc
  2. FREE airport lounge support. Certainly no more than £10 a visit. Free with Metal.
  3. Proper gadget support. Ie ALL items under £750 automatically covered.
  4. Higher foreign spending levels etc.
  5. Apple Pay
  6. Occasional super offers and random double/triple rewards.

I’m others could think of other worthwhile features to have. The current offerings just aren’t tempting enough.


I have my hopes up for free Apple Pay for everyone, that’s that I always understood we will have… I cross my fingers